[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

With my Schlage locks, I had to have them about a foot away from my ST hub for them to connect. Best to power them up before installing in the door and get it connected to smartthings.

Dana, I would suggest you install it on the door before connecting it to the system. The lock in electronically configured for Right side installation after the installation is complete. Before I installed mine, I configured it into the system and then spent the next 4 hours after installation wondering why it was not operating properly. I had to do a full reset and the re-connecting it to the system after installation.

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EDIT: DOH! Never mind, I was entering the user code, not the programming code. Connected easily when I entered the correct 6-digit programming code and then hit 0.

I’m up and running!! :slight_smile:

I have the Shlage Connect lock installed, and works perfectly via the keypad. I can lock and unlock from the touchscreen on front and lock from the back, everything is beautiful.,

Deleted my confused ramblings that were here.

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It’s a nice lock. Good you got it up and running.

This is a thread for Lock Manager. Please ask questions about Lock Code Manager on that thread. I am not providing support for Lock Code Manager, but people in the community have been super helpful to people trying to get up and running.

I am currently investing my free time to focusing on the new app. After I get to a good place on the new app, I’ll try to provide some level of support for it.


##Yay!! Beta v0.2

###What’s new?

  • Views for lock info to see what all the codes are in each slots.
  • Overwrite mode option (ON by default) which removes codes that aren’t set by this app.
    (I believe this will be very helpful to most people) REMEMBER TO DELETE any apps that also alter codes before using this app with this option enabled. You have been warned.
    ###What’s Next?
  • Global Notifications/Schedule.
  • Improve lock info pages and user views.
  • stretch goal: Remove need for custom DTH for code reports.

If there are reasons that are holding you back from ditching the old app for this one, let me know so that I can prioritize what I work on in the future.


Thank you Eric for your work on this app. I have updated the code (parent and child) I do want to say I am using the DTH “Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock Reporting v2” but I did put the new one you have above in my IDE -

I have been testing the new version and it is looking really great ! I love the BURN code feature !

I want to bring to your attention one thing that I am unsure if this is by design to work this way or not.

I set up 9 users in my app. went through and tested all of them. ALL GOOD!
After doing this, in the app, to the device and then to “SmartApps” (far right top of device screen)
to see the apps attached to the front door (device) each of the names of the users appears in that list - where the “Smart Apps” (only) are generally listed. as if when that user/ code was / is used that slot then appears in the smart app. This may be the design, I have just never seen that before, so wanted to verify with you. I can provide you screen shots (in PM) if that would be of any benefit.
It isn’t problematic of course. As mentioned above I am NOT using the Device type you have above ~ could that be an issue, I can or will certainly change that if you feel appropriate or it is advisable.

Again, thank you for your time and dedication for this spendid app, much appreciation.

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It sounds like you’re using the correct DTH for this app and your lock. Some other publishers have made DTHs for locks other than the default SmartThings offerings, and have also included the hook that’s required for this app. “Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock Reporting v2” sounds like one of them!

I think that having users listed in the SmartApps section of the lock device screen is perfect. It makes the user more aware of who has access to that device in more places. I don’t think it harms anything at any rate.


totally agree with you - it certainly caught my attention:) and with something like a lock and security is not a bad thing at all!

Great job ! Looks like you will be ready to submit for cert soon :slight_smile:

I still want to get Your work integrated with Ask Alexa - would be great to have a “lock summary report” of sorts that could give that data over Alexa :slight_smile: Michael is pretty busy right now so best to wait probably on that integration - but I don’t want to speak for him of course.

Thank you kindly ! if there is anything (testing) wise I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask - I am more than happy to.

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New user, using the new beta v.02 version.

One thing I’ve noticed, I have to choose the Slot twice when I create a new user. The first time I select it in returned to the create user page but the Slot I just selected is not shown. I go back into select the Slot a second time and then it sets the Slot.

Great app, my family thinks I’m a genius. :smiley:

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Wanted to confirm a few things:

  1. As far as I can tell, Lock Manager doesn’t “see” the two lock codes that the lock comes w/pre-installed. When I was setting up new users all the slots were shown as available, and the existing user codes weren’t listed.

  2. I changed code length to 5 digits, which according to the docs deletes all codes (including the two pre-set codes that the lock starts with). If I factory reset the lock will those original four-digit codes be restored?

  3. The reporting that Lock Manager gets from the lock on status is limited to knowing whether or not the deadbolt is thrown. The door could be wide open, but as long as the deadbolt is extended the lock will report “Locked” to the Lock Manager app. So I assume that if I want to use the lock in a security check I’ll need to add a door sensor to confirm both that both the door is closed and that the deadbolt is thrown.

  4. To remove a user/code, is it OK now to simply go to the user screen and select “Remove.”? Do I need to remove the code for the user first, and then remove the user?

Thanks, appreciate the help, and really appreciate this smartapp!

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regarding number 3. That is exactly how I have mine set up … I have the “sensative strip” as an open/ close sensor installed (you can use ANY contact sensor thought I would mention as this is for a door there is a “hinge” that works as a contact sensor too) - so I can detect the “door state” “open or closed”.That is a totally separate issue.

Hope that helps.

  1. It should, as long as SmartThings DTH get the code, the app should know about it. At any rate, they should be easily overwritten

  2. No idea.

  3. True, this app is primarily focused on codes and code entry. There are other apps that focus on lock status and state. I wrote an app a long time ago that’s on the SmartThings market called “Lock it at a specific time” that takes open/closed sensors into account. Maybe as a v2 I will incorporate LOCK commands into this app.

  4. Yes, as long as “Overwrite Mode” is enabled (it is enabled by default) the app will automatically delete users(slots) that you remove.

What client do you use? I have iOS and the user selection works flawlessly. I’ve seen other people report the same issue. Android?

This could be a SmartThings bug.

I have seen your “lock it at a specific time” :slight_smile:
If down the road in dev you could incorporate into this app to just have ONE place (App) I would vote for that :smiley:

Happy coding

Hey, Erik, if you were asking me related to Lock Manager not seeing the two default codes/slots being used, yes, I’m on Android.

Thanks! I’m using a Core piston to lock the door at specific times/states, but it would be nice to have that control in the Smartapp.

Great App, Erik. One suggestion, though. Lock Manager is listed in the SmartApps twice, once for the parent and once for the child app. Can you change the name of one, so I know which one I am selecting? It’s kind of confusing when they have the same name.

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I thought that if you don’t publish the child app it will be accessible via the parent, but won’t show as a separate app in the list. But different names does seem like it would help.

Whoops. Yes, the child should be named “Lock User” I’ll change that next time I’m at my dev machine.