[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

I guess I don’t understand how it can function if it’s not published.

If I were to guess, probably because naming things is hard (truly).

SmartThings-App was originally just 1 thing, an app. Now that it’s two things, childApp,App “Publish” actually has a different meaning… maybe ‘Post to personal App Market’ is more of an apt label for that action.

Just because you don’t “Post to personal App Market” doesn’t mean that the code cannot be accessed by other apps within your SmartApp IDE.

hi Erik,

I am getting these errors. Any ideas?

FWIW, I’ve seen devs include instructions not to publish the child app, so it does appear to be a normal process.

You need to Save child apps but not Publish them. The only thing Publishing an app for “me” does is show it in your list of available apps to install. You do not want to install the child apps. These get installed by the parent app…confusing, eh?

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OK. I don’t publish the child app, only save it. Now I only have one instance of “lock manager” in my smart apps. Thanks for all the explanations.

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try this… go into the parent app and click ‘done.’ This will run some initialization scripts.

This shouldn’t be a problem for new users, but since you most likely upgraded from the first beta, some new things got added to initialize.

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Huh, I looked at the app names and they look correct.

Lock Manager is: name: 'Lock manger'
Lock user is name: 'Lock User'

I’m unsure why they show up as the same name.

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It was the issue of them both being published. I deleted the apps, reinstalled and only published the parent app. Now everything is good. Thanks

Looked OK on my installation, too … “Lock Manager” and “Lock User” … and I published both …

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People have said that their battery levels were wrong on their locks. I had the same issue at the time. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with the DTH, as of today my dashboard shows the correct battery percentages…

Soooo… SmartThings platform bug? It seems to be resolved now.

Strange (in a good way, LOL) that my battery levels have been reporting fine for over a year now. One of them is currently reportingt 43%, but I just replaced the batteries in the lock I used the most and it says 1% :unamused:

And speaking of DTH, I can’t update the DTH from github — still get this error message (also reported this in post #34 :wink: ):

“Updated 0 devices and created 0 new devices, 0 published (1 skipped due to errors)”

I get the same thing, but when I create the DTH manually using from-template it works.

The skipped due to errors gives no indication as to what the error is. Anyone have ideas?

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Yeah, I manually updated the DTH. I just love those “detailed” ST error messages, LOL.

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Took a closer look at the github. The “xxx.src” director should match the name of the groovy file it contains. Right now it’s:

Should be:

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So just to confirm, am I using the right device handler?

From the My Device Handlers tab:

Namespace/Name GitHub repository
smartthings : Z-Wave Lock Reporting Ethayer/user-lock-manager (master)


Depends on your lock. That is the most basic DTH and should work for you. You can use the one in the new repo if you wish, it might be slightly more updated.

This DTH is mostly just the default SmartThings code with a small hook added to make this app work.

I’m using the Schlage Connect Camelot.

Not sure why I didn’t update to the new repo, I meant to.


@garyd9 created a device handler for schlage touchscreen locks that offers more features than the default SmartThings DTH. You might want to give that a shot. It also includes everything needed for this app to work.


Hey, thanks for pointing that out - just installed and swapped over to that DTH and now have the additional options in the Device screen.

Thank you!

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