[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

Thanks Babar! I followed this and although most notifications work, I still have a few issues which I’m wondering if you know a workaround for.

1 - Push notifications don’t work when the lock is manually unlocked
2 - Auto-lock feature is not there anymore (not part of the generic DTH)

It also seems like some options got reset. I’m guessing I can fix this by manual programming but I’m not sure.
3 - It does not lock until I enter my code. Earlier, it used to lock from outside by just pressing the ‘schlage’ button.
4 - The ‘beeping’ sound turned off (entering numbers from the keypad outside has no sound now).

Thanks, would love to hear if you have all these scenarios working as well!

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Push notification working fine with me on manual lock/unlock.

Autolock, Lock and Leave and Alarm functions are no more available as these are dependent on DTH and the generic one lack these capabilities, so for now it has to be set up on the lock itself.

As or 3 & 4, these things are not dependent on DTH or app, so I wonder why not working with you. I have not experienced such problems. I can lock by pushing outside schlage button.

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By the way, turn on “Lock and Leave” option on your lock so that it can be locked with outside schlage button.
On the lock pad, follow this:
Press Schlage Outside button->6-digit code->7
(it will beep and blink once if this mode is set)

Similarly, turn on beep sounds and alarms manually, following the instruction manual


I have successfully made the changes and updates, it appears to work, somewhat.
Aside from features within the ST app gone due to switching to DTH Z-Wave Lock, I’m not receiving notifications on manual lock/unlock. That about it…everything else works. Could something there be something missing in the code? this is what my list of SmartApps looks like. I could figure how to delete the child apps.

Update. I realized what I was doing wrong. Once I deleted Lock Manager from the ST app, I went back in IDE portal, the system then allowed me to removed all 4 smartapps. Followed your steps again, everything notification working now except manual UNLOCK notification. I can live with that, hoping it resolves itself or someone finds and provides a solution. Thanks again @Babar_Khan

Update #2. The workaround I found useful since updating to compensate NOT receiving notifications for manual unlock was to create Routine in ST app. Simply add a routine, you can choose between Unlock, Lock or Lock/Unlock notification after selecting Lock you have installed. Viola, now I’m all notification.

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Hi Babar, Will this work on kwikset 910 locks as well? Also, do the sms notifications also work? What about text/push notifications when you program a new code? I was getting all these until recently.

Thanks!! It all works now except push notifications on manual unlock. I see the manual unlock events in my history but I don’t get notifications for it. Everything else works perfectly. Thanks for the help

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Awesome sauce, I just followed your instructions after messing up my config, was on 1.4 using the new app when I notificed notifications and some WebCore integrations weren’t working. They key was turning off the sweep! As the numerous times I attempted the update the sweep was falling over somewhere. So I removed everything, installed the standard ST Smart Locks app, set my codes, uninstalled it and then followed your instructions and bingo bango it’s back in action. Thank you muchly!

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Sorry pal, but have no idea about kwikset lock, though I hope it should work. Give it a try.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the updated Smart App, but I can’t get the DHT to install and keeps saying skipped due to errors. Is there another way to get this installed?

@Gotcha182 read and follow post 1997 above

Being a gadget junkie since long what I deduce is that Smartthings and Harmony are but two
marvelous and potentially very able hardware pieces marred by inefficient software and inept support teams.

Re: post 1997 instructions (Thank you by the way for adding these), when you state in number 5 "Now add you existing codes and names by adding “Users” (already stored in your phy…)… do you mean add users through the classic smart things app (Manage Users) or where? Using a current Android phone (SS S8+) with smart things classic. GregD

Nevermind… think I just figured it out. GregD

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so what was the answer?

About 20 min worth of banging around, then asking the question. Then getting your 18 yo kid to come look at it as your pressing send on the question. He figured it out in a min… (on an samsung galaxy 8+) smart things classic app - automation - smart apps - lock manager - create new integration … type USER - create new user - yada yada yada - save - bingo. Then tell the kid to get lost.


So I had everything working with the Kwikset 888 lock including notifications on manual lock and unlock and today that has stopped again. Anyone else getting this same thing now? I can see the status in history just no notification

I am not concerned so much about notifications; but, after the firmware update my newest lock quit working – meaning the entry codes stopped working. Is this all a part of the same problem?
I have two keypads and four quikset locks that I want to use the same codes.


I’m a total knob. Now that’s established…
The install instructions (guide) are AWESOME! seems maybe slightly out of date though?
I was able to get the smart app installed by copy/pasta, the update from github did not work for me.
But, no child apps appear, I’m half assuming that those have all now been integrated.

My issue is the device handler. When I select the universal DTH from the update and execute, it tells me it was skipped due to an error. I have to assume the error is me…
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
2 - kwikset 913/914
old version of smarttings app

I could add that, the Yale DTH installed fine, except that I don’t have a Yale lock :wink: