[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

Anyone has a copy of the Z-Wave Lock Reporting DTH?

What is the easiest way to get reporting and notifications working again? I don’t mind reinstalling the app but not quite sure of the steps.

I did try making the change on 134/234 but reporting is still not working.

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I investigated this same issue last night for a Schlage lock, and found a working, if slightly crippled, solution. I believe I may have gone a very long way around the problem, and stumbled on a key part at the end. I excluded the lock from zwave, added it again, reinstalled apps and the device handler, etc. In that process, the lock defaulted to using the Smartthings DH, rather than the ethayer version. It (eventually) started working correctly, but took a bit for reasons I still don’t understand. Given all that, I’m curious if the following would work instead?

  • Go to Smartthings IDE -> My Hub ->My Devices
  • Edit the lock, and change the device handler to “Z-Wave Lock”

It’s a simpler DH, and doesn’t support all the Schlage settings, but it’s responsive to lock changes, keypad events, etc., and seems to be working correctly with Lock Manager, including user management. In fact, I completely reset the lock and Lock Manager along the way, so had to redefine users in the app. Once things started talking, all user PINs got programmed correctly, and automations came back to life.

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I am successfully using the new app that @ethayer has added to the repo but in order to use the old Core notifications of user unlocks and timed auto locking pistons that I created I had to use the Z-Wave Locking DTH.


The Z-Wave lock reporting device type handler is no longer needed in the new app. There are a few DTH included in the repo, but they’re not required for LockManager to work.

I’ll be looking into the notification issues soon. I haven’t addressed ST removing Address Book from the platform yet, so I’ll be doing that shortly. I too, would like my notifications back.

So… feel free to use the regular DTH unless you have a need to edit some features on Yale or Schalge locks. Both of these brands sent me locks to test on, so I thought I’d add some features to the standard DTH to expose the extra settings options… You can find them under the cog wheel menu in the device view.

NOTE: I had some issues with these special DTH that I want to fix this week. There’s a startup error that occurs when adding a lock… which makes the lock not show up on SmartThings even though it’s paired. I’ll try to fix that this week but if you install these DTH’s and notice that your locks aren’t showing up when doing the initial network pairing, the DTH’s could be the culprit. Delete them, then add your lock.


Good to know. That information may be helpful to me getting the notifications working for the regular DTH. Thanks!

I second that. Even after modifying Ethayer’s dth, there were still some problems. So, I deleted Lock Manager (all apps) and installed new one (single). Added all the existing codes manually again (without “sweeping”) and changed the dth to generic one.
Lock open/close and codes/code names reporting now and status updating. Though lost some functionality due to dth like setting sensitivity and autolock feature etc on my Schalge Lock.
Using this setup till Ethayer make changes to his dth.

Will using the standard built in DTH still allow the Lock Manager app to and and remove codes on the fly for scheduled entries? Or for adding new codes from the app?

I modified the schlage code and the functionality still works. This was for a friends and he uses the (Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock

Also they are on the v1.4 Lock Manager.

I modified the code using the z-wave post here.

The post I listed above this one about adding the private function and modifying the 2 other def fixes all the issues for the schlage lock I was testing. Tested it and AutoLock and Alarm work fine as well as lock and leave.

As for lock manager I didn’t modify anything there and there are no issues. Lock Manager v1.4

Success on the workaround! After multiple failures, I went back one more time this evening and took it slowly step by step going over my changes. I now have notifications back thanks to the above posts.

  1. Went back to Lock Manager v1.4 from v2.0.

  2. I used Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock DTH so had to change line 224:

     def cmd = zwave.parse(description, commandClassVersions)
     if (cmd)
     	result = zwaveEvent(cmd)
  3. Also in Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock DTH line 234, I changed:

private getCommandClassVersions() {
[0x62: 1, 0x71: 2, 0x80: 1, 0x85: 2, 0x63: 1, 0x98: 1, 0x86: 1]
def zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.securityv1.SecurityMessageEncapsulation cmd)
def encapsulatedCommand = cmd.encapsulatedCommand(commandClassVersions)
// log.debug “encapsulated: $encapsulatedCommand”
if (encapsulatedCommand) {

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Thanks guys! These suggestions definitely helped, I have (partial) notifications now on SmartThings Classic! Steps I followed

1 - Uninstalled current lock-manager completely
2 - Installed the new version (beta-2)
3 - Updated ‘device type’ to ‘z-wave lock’

Now, I have notifications working for all scenarios EXCEPT manual unlock. I do have everything checked so I expected that to work but it’s not. Also, with this setup, is it possible to setup auto-lock (after a timeout) again?

Thanks again

I am using 2.0 and love it! Only one issue I have noticed…revoking access notifications do not work, either globally or under user settings. They worked under 1.x All other notifications are working spot on. Great job on this app, really works for what I needed.

I’m having the same issue as you. Has anyone found a workaround? Thanks

Babar, thanks for providing this. Can you please provide a step by step guide making these changes? I haven’t been able to find such on here. I see comments but no one is actually detailing the experience.
Thanks in advance.

What lock and dth were u using? Which version of Lock Manager?

Thanks for the promptness.
I have Schlage Lock Touchscreen, DTH I believe is Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock. Lock Manager v1.4

My pleasure to be of any help, though not an expert or programmer.
I am going to share, keeping it detailed and simple to follow, what has been best practice and outcome for me:

  1. Delete your Lock Manager apps in IDE (Smartthings web login). Delete master and child apps (3 or 4 of those).

  2. Install the new version of Lock Manager from here Lock Manager
    You can install in IDE by adding new smartapp->code and pasting it there and then save-> publish for me

  3. Install the newly added Lock Manager app on your smartphone classic app, from my apps.

  4. After installing, add “New Lock” by adding your existing lock and omit “Sweeping” option.

  5. Now add your existing codes and names by adding “Users” (already stored in your physical lock and noted by you). Note that new app can add users by itself and you don’t have to add child apps.

  6. Once all the existing codes are added, go back to web IDE and in Devices select your Lock and edit it to change the dth to generic one: “Z Wave Lock” and save.

  7. Wait for few minutes (sometimes quite a few minutes :slight_smile: ) for the lock manager and lock to sync and update and you are done. Now experiment with different stored codes and see if your status is being updated accordingly.

This is working almost perfect for me except for few hiccups in the beginning.

Hope this helps.

P.S. My earlier post in which I changed the dth code resulted in reporting the status but had some problem with the code reporting.


Awesome. I’m always afraid of deleting and re-installing apps/custom codes. So these steps should solve the issues I’m having, not receiving notifications on my phone when door is locked/unlocked?

Be brave and take the plunge! :smiley:
It is in fact easier than it sounds like. Voila!

All my notices, status and code reporting is functional.

I’ll give it try tonight and report back. Thank you, very much appreciated.

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