[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

You can’t change drivers in the app or via API’s (CLI or API Browser+ for instance) if your device is still using a legacy DTH driver. You must migrate it manually or wait for it to be migrated automagically.

The issue is that nobody knows when that automatic migration will happen, so sadly many of us are stuck in a weird place of having some of our devices not being useful.


I have installed Z-wave lock driver and never installed z-wave switch. However, the lock driver shows z-wave switch and no option to change driver type to z-wave lock.
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 4.05.25 PM
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 4.05.35 PM

Assuming you clicked on the Driver menu option for a device, what you are seeing is that the device is use the Z-Wave Lock driver and when you click on “Select different driver”, it’s presenting you with other compatible drivers from which to choose.

What are you trying to do/see?

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Oh that makes sense now. However, I’ve never installed Z-wave switch. It’s weird that there is an option for that.

I was trying @DigitalDan 's suggestion to change the driver type.

In that case, I’d suggest changing the driver type from within the SmartThings app.

I thought I should change to Z-wave lock but did not see the option and saw the Z-wave switch I didn’t install so I was confused.

Now I know I am currently using Z-wave lock which is correct. For some reasons the lockmanager.io page just shows “lock is initializing. This could take some time. (0/30)” even my driver type is correct.

Anyway, thank you very much.

You could install a custom lock driver on your hub and then you could use the ST app to change to that driver. For example, @philh30 has developed the Z-Lock Edge driver that has more capabilities for the Schlage BE468/469 locks than the stock driver.

You can also easily change between Edge drivers using the API Browser from @TAustin.

[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Lock PH - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

SmartThings API Browser+ … Now Available to All

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Thank you very much

Sure. One thing to note. The “lock is initializing” will result in all existing codes being deleted so be sure you have them documented somewhere. Also, once installed, it will prevent any other lock manager from changing the codes.

The smart lock manager smart app just disappeared. After I changed the lock driver back to the smartthings beta one, the smart app is still not available. Did I do anything wrong?

No, there was an issue in the ST cloud today that cause SLGA to stop working and in some cases be uninstalled. Click on the + in the Favorites tab and select Add service to reinstall it.

I did that but it’s still not showing up. Also after reinstalled it, the option was disappeared for me to install again. It’s very weird. I will give it a while to check again. Thank you.

I don’t know the behavior if you have the new alpha Lock Manager installed while also trying to install SLGA. You should choose one, get it working with the driver you want to use, and then consider switching.

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Same issue here. It is gone and didn’t reinstall. I had not made any changes to my locks. It was there earlier today.

Really!? Which driver are you using? The Smartthings beta or @philh30 's driver? Thank you

Found out it’s an issue currently.

I’m using Z-Lock Edge driver from @philh30 because 1) it has more features; and 2) I’m using his drivers for my GE switches and they really rock!


The API Browser won’t change a driver if it hasn’t already converted to Edge, though.

So, app is installed, I selected one lock, sweep is complete, now what? Where do I set codes? On the web page? If so, that doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe because I’m using a custom DTH? The LUM one? Thanks.

I was looking for a driver for my Monoprice 24259 z-wave contact sensors. The @philh30 's Z-wave Masquerade v1.01 driver does the job! Thank you all!

Click on “Members” and then “Add Member” and you’ll get the dialog pictured here:

As of right now, you can set the follow:

  • Create a code with a label/name, associated email address (if desired), and a limited number of uses (if desired)
  • Create notifications on per user code
  • Assign access to one or more locks
  • Specify scheduling options that define when the code is valid on a particular lock

That’s what is available currently.

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