[OBSOLETE] Life360 Presence Setup and Multiple Circles

I have currently #life360 setup with a couple circles configured. I have my immediate family (Wife and kids) in my main circle and I have an extended family with another circle. I am wanting to add another circle for adhoc needs, i.e. house keeper, gardener, visiting family etc. to allow for presence options or such.

Mainly, I want to use the extended family circle for my in-laws to allow when they stay to not trigger the alarm to set when we leave them home. I am only finding that I can setup 1 circle, thus meaning I would have to share my location with those people. I only want to share my location with my wife/kids in my main circle and not the others.

Is there a way to have multiple circles setup to use for these automation pieces, not allowing anyone outside of my immediate family to see my location, or my wife/kids locations?

I am not sure what I did was correct but it does seem to be working. I have @tmleafs Life360smart app installed. I created a second smart app by coping and pasting the code but changing the name. So I know have 2 Life360 smart apps installed and can add the second home circle.

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Assuming OP was referring to the official smartapp, it may be that you can’t install multiple instances of that one, but you can do so for the community-developed version.

That would seem to be one way of getting multiple circles, from what you’re describing (the only way?).

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Thank you so much for the SA link. I will give that a try! That should of been my first search, for a community developed Life360 app and not the native ST one.