Got multiple instances of Life360 working on a single ST Hub account/location, yay!

Success of the day.

It took about 5 min of work. But I went to the SmartThingsPublic GitHub…downloaded the Life360 smart app and device handler…I changed the namespace name just in case, but I’m not even sure if that was needed. But just to make things more clear in the logs and what not for troubleshooting, I changed pretty much all instances of “360” (except for function names, and URL’s) to “720” (Just for fun). I dropped them into the IDE, saved, published (for me), enabled oauth…and I’m up and running!

I now have 3 life360 devices showing up in SmartThings. 2 for my girlfriend (1 for work and 1 for home) and one for me (home)…I work from home. If I didn’t work from home, then I would need a 3rd instance of Life360 (Life1080? lol).

I wasn’t sure how it all works regarding the licensing since I’m modifying official SmartThings device handlers and smart apps…so I’m not including the code.

But here’s a link to the official DTH and SmartApp in case you don’t know where they are:

Just to clarify…do you mean you have 3 different accounts of Life360 running simultaneously?

Two different accounts (one account to track when my GF or I is at home, and one account to track whether my GF is at work…aka, one account per location).

However it appears I spoke too soon… It seems the accounts were added without any problem, however, it only seems to sync the last account that was authenticated.

Account 1 authenticated for “Home” (includes two devices, one for me, one for her)
Account 2 authenticated for “GF Work” (includes one device, one for her)

Only account 2 is updating and account 1 has stopped.

If I open the smart app page for account 1 and reauthenticate it, then account 1 starts syncing but account 2 stops.

Check out the webCoRE presence sensor. It can manage multiple locations for users.

I’ve been using Life360 with Webcore for a long time. It’s great. When I asked about multiple accounts, this was suggested.


I know, but I was hoping to not have to deal with setting that up. My GF and I already use Life360 pretty regularly. So it would be nice if I could use an app that we both already have set up, installed and working.

Thanks, I saw that setting but wasn’t sure if it applied to what I was doing. Seemed more related to things like having multiple pistons and such. I’ll try changing that to see if that help.s

Okay, we’ll see if that works.
I completely wiped all traces of Life360 from my ST account…both custom and official.

Then I changed it to “singleInstance: false”. So no other changes other than that from the original.

Then I installed the smartapp…set it up for location “home”
Then I installed the smartapp again…set it up for location “GF work”

Hopefully this time it works. It will be nice if that’s the only change I needed to make.

Well…I definitely jumped the gun on this post. At the time it 100% looked like it was working. Unfortunately I’m still having the same problem. Only one instance of life 360 will stay authenticated at a time.

I even tried having one instance authenticated with my account and the other instance authenticated with my girlfriend’s account.

Still no luck. I’m wondering if it is some sort of restriction on the life360 side. I will have to look to see if the smartapp can be modified to handle multiple locations in a single instance.

My big question here is why?? You’re only tracking 2 locations, home and work. You don’t need 2 account’s to do this.

In life360 you can have multiple users in a circle and setup multiple locations. While the free app will only let you use 2 locations for notifications through the app, you can create a bunch more. For example I currently have 7 places setup in the life360 app and I use the free version. If you use the app by @tmleafs you can integrate and create your own alerts very easily using webcore and the address 1 field. If chadbaldwin - life360 address1 changes to “Home”, send text/pushover/push notification saying “chadbaldwin is home”. If chadbaldwin’s gf - life360 address1 changes to “gf’s work” send text/pushover/push notification saying “chadbaldwin’s gf is at work”.

Not to mention if you’re running 2 instances of life360 on your gf’s phone, which it sounds like since you’re running 2 accounts simultaneously, it’s going to cause unneeded battery drain on her device.

I think you can simplify and easily accomplish what you’re looking for.

EDIT: Re-reading your post above a little and I thought I’d clarify a bit more.
You will still need 2 accounts in life360. But not 1 for each location. You’ll want 1 account for you, and 1 account for your gf. Then you take those 2 accounts and create a family circle. In that circle you add your places you want to track. Then you use tmleaf’s app to link 1 account to smartthings and you’ll be able to add both devices from your circle.

We each have life360 installed on our phones and logged into our own accounts. Nothing weird regarding multiple installations of the app.

I have not looked into tmleafs app yet. However, I will consider it.

Having 2 presence devices (one for each of us) and checking location by name instead of presence status sounds like a workable solution; Though it changes the logic of my pistons… Not a big deal, just a lot of pistons with logic using presence capabilities that I will need to update.

That’s perfect then! If you each only have 1 account, then you can easily accomplish what you want with a family circle and tmleaf’s app.

FYI, with that app, “Home” works as a standard presence device as in present/not present. The Address1 field only comes into play when you’re checking other locations such as gf’s work.

Yup, I’ve already got it all set up and using tmleafs app and the address1 field. I also have a few other automation set up using the distance attribute as well now.

So I detect when my gf leaves work, and then I’m notified again when she’s within 10 miles. She has a very long commute, so it’s nice to know when she’s almost home.

Oh…young love… or a stalker :smiley:

Glad it worked out! I really should look into the distance from home thing too. Something like “if previous address was work and current location is 10 miles from home, turn on the heat” so the house is warmed up by the time someone gets home.

So, do I have to install the Classic app to get things going? I’m seeing Life 360 Connect service in the new app, but it keeps failing. "Network or server error occurred. Try again later.

yes, I replied with instructions in your other post


My GF has OCD, so I like to make sure the kitchen is clean for her before she gets home because the last thing she needs is to be stressed from her OCD after working 12 hours at a hospital :slight_smile:

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It’s also more difficult to get our dogs to eat their food when she gets home because they get so hyper. So I try to feed them before she gets home.

I work from home so I don’t always realize what time it is, so knowing she’s on her way home / almost home is helpful to me.

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I was trying to be funny and did not succeed very well. Pardon my stupid joke. :zipper_mouth_face: