Life360 Presence Sensor? or more?

It seems to me that Life360 currently is little more than a presence sensor as it is currently integrated with Smartthings. Am I missing something here, it would seem to make more sense to have it linked where you can turn on your thermostat when you are 10 minutes from home, or send me an alert when my daughter arrives at a place, or send out a Life360 Panic message when the door sensors are triggered between 11 PM and 6 AM. It seems that so much more could be done in integration and location. Can these things be done now, or am I correct that Life360 as an integrated App does more than check presence. Life360 is great as a standalone but has a lot more potential being fully integrated.

Well, some of that stuff you can currently do with SmartThings… like the alert between 11pm and 6am is easily do able.

The other things would be a bit more difficult and would likely require some higher level of integration between Life360 and SmartThings.

Thanks, I think you have confirmed that as it currently stands, can you help me understand if there is any value to Life360 with Smartthings. I like the Life360 platform because as a family/kids we are very comfortable using the messaging and panic system. The system differentiates panic versus normal messaging and has a live person you can call for emergency assistance. I hope they integrate because I can see a lot to do based on your actual location, not just your location around the house.

Currently I don’t see the value of it… but I don’t use Life360 so I can’t say for sure.

You can set modes like “Away” based on presence of people in the house without giving them access to the SmartThings account for example.

That was exactly what I was going to say. It also is one less app running geofencing on your device.

But, @juano2310 just gave me an idea for a feature request - be able to have people load the app for presence but not give them any other access to the system. Maybe show them only the presences.