Can Life360 Presences Detection only be used on one hub?

I have two hubs on my account. My primary home and a vacation home. A few weeks ago I added my Life 360 presences sensor to my vacation home and things worked fine there. Upon arriving home, though, I noticed that my presence sensing had stopped working at my primary home. I have deleted the presences sensor from my “Things” on my home hub and readded and it came back fine, but now I’m wondering if its going to broken on my vacation hub now? Is it only able to distinguish “present” “not present” on one hub at a time?

Had a similar issue. I setup new “Circles” in Life360 for my different locations. When you setup the Life360 smartapp, select the new “Circle” related to the vacation home.

You can only have Life360 with one hub. Something to do with their API and refresh.


You can only have one Life360 circle with one hub. I have multiple Life360 circles connected to multiple hubs and they all accurately record presence detection.

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Can you expand on this more? Are you saying that if I log into my Life360 and create a circle and put myself in it. I can then link my Life360 account to my second hub and add that circle to that hub and it will work for presence detection as well as my primary hub?

Yes, I believe you understand what I was saying.


  • Life360 circle named “Home” corresponds with my SmartThings “Home” location where my hub is connected. I have installed the “Life360 Connect” app in this SmartThings location and selected the “Home” circle and its members.
  • Life360 circle named “My Office” corresponds with my SmartThings “Office” location (no hub). I installed a new instance of the “Life360 Connect” app in this location and selected the “My Office” circle and its members.
  • Make sure the geofence location in the Life360 circle settings and the SmartThings location settings closely resemble each other.
  • And so on for any other additional locations (I have 4 circles in Life360 and 4 corresponding locations in SmartThings).

Hope this helps!

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