[OBSOLETE] How to Trigger IFTTT Applets or Webcore Pistons with iOS 12’s New Shortcuts App and Siri (2018)

Found this helpful guide today. Works pretty good but has some delay when using the iwatch.


Nice! :sunglasses:

I use the same IFTTT webhook method detailed in the article to have Ibeacons trigger smartthings events.

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Anyone doing anything with Siri shortcuts and SmartThings? I’ve incorporated some shortcuts that turn lights on/off plus arm/disarm SHM via webCoRE. They work well and run quick. It’s nice when I’m away from home and have no easy access to Alexa.

I’ve also got some shortcuts that incorporate IFTTT webhooks arming/disarming my cameras.

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My simple solution:


Thanks for your shortcut solution…R

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I have Siri cycle a switch on and off to trigger changes in my upstairs/downstairs thermostats. As of late the webhooks take for ever to trigger. siri triggers them and IFTTT doesnt pick it up sometimes over and hour. any one else?

Try using HomeBridge … then Siri will trigger things quickly via HomeKit