iOS Shortcut Options?

Apologies in advance, I searched the forum with many different constraints and never could find an answer. I feel sure it’s already been covered…

I’m using an iPhone and would like to create a shortcut to certain devices/routines so I don’t have to go into ST and execute them. Are there any other options besides the Widget?

Not currently.

If you want to create a custom controls you could try Action Tiles. I made a nice control panel for my mom’s house. And they can be pinned to a iPhones home page:

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This has nothing to do with what he is asking about.

OK, it turns out there are two different ways to do this but it’s a little awkward and the set up is time consuming. So it can be done, but I don’t know if it will be worth the effort to do it.

  1. use the IFTTT service’s maker channel to receive a Web hook as the “if” in an IFTTT applet and then make smartthings the “that.”

@rscott09 had shared a how to article on this about six weeks ago, but to be honest, I had forgotten about it. My bad.

  1. use the free yonomi app to trigger Logitech Harmony Activities

If you have a Logitech Harmony hub integrated with SmartThings, you can get the free yonomi app and then they have a pretty nice UI feature to set up a Siri shortcut to fire a Harmony activity.

Setup is still clunky because you have to create a Harmony activity (probably using virtual switches) to do whatever you want SmartThings to do, but it can certainly be done.

So either of those methods would let you create a Siri shortcut for anything that you can trigger from a virtual switch coming on in SmartThings.

Again, more trouble than most people will probably want to do, but it is possible and some people, particularly those who have to rely on voice, may find it useful. :sunglasses:



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There is another way but it is a lot more complicated (however it’s great once you get it to work!). You can set up a “Homebridge” server and use it cconnect your smartthings devices to Homekit. The apple Home app offers lots of flexibility to create shortcuts for Smartthings-Homekit devices.

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… there is another option. You can make a call from iOS shortcuts to WebCore directly . This post here explains the principle.

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