SmartRules 2.0

I’d sent in two messages to the support email address ( months ago and have yet to receive any response. He used to be great about responding but not sure what’s going on. His other App BeaconThings hasn’t been updated in forever and was hopeful he fix the SmartThings login issue.

That is too bad, because app is awesome ! Hopefully he is good in life.

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I am using the app for some of the simpler automations that I never bothered to move to Webcore. It has been working flawlessly. It has been upgraded to support the iPhone X screen.


This app is no longer available in the iOS app store. Website is still up, but clicking on the “Get it now” link leads to a “App is no longer available” error (at least on mobile).

Does anyone have any ideas of how to achieve the “quick tap” feature of this app in something else? I’d really like to have buttons on my widget screen. Thanks!

Well that’s really disappointing! It’s a good app but the developer hasn’t responded to support requests for quite some time. I wonder if @obycode went over to Hubitat and left SmartThings behind.

As far as quick tap I’m not sure what you’re asking for. Here’s a quick tap rule I’ve got. They are quite convenient because SmartThings only can do routines in the widget and in the new app there’s no iOS widget at all.

I guess I never better remove the existing app I’ve got otherwise probably won’t get it back.

Yeah, it is disappointing. My question was, how do I get similar functionality to the quicktap if I DON’T have this app (and can no longer get it).

I’m currently experimenting with Smartthigns routines, and IFTTT. Hopefully I’ll figure something out. Basically I want a button on my widget screen to turn on/off lights or unlock/lock doors.

From the site:

SmartRules depends entirely on SmartThings infrastructure to build and run your rules. Due to changes in that infrastructure, we have been unable to release any updates to the existing implementation of SmartRules. Recently, the amount of problems caused by the SmartThings infrastructure have caused us to make the decision to pull SmartRules from the App Store until we are able to complete a new version of the app that will utilize the new interfaces with SmartThings and be better equipped to handle problems with the infrastructure.
Existing users will be able to continue using SmartRules as usual, as long as SmartThings continues to support that previous generation infrastructure.

iOS Widget Alternatives

IFTTT button Will give you the widget for iOS, but you need something else to put a complex rule behind it.


Basically just have the button turn on a virtual switch in SmartThings, and then use that to trigger whatever complex logic you are using.

Probably either Webcore or maybe Sharptools.



Another way you can do it as an iOS user is to take advantage of Siri Shortcuts for controlling SmartThings. You need to do so by way of webCoRE but it works very well.

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You can also do it by way of IFTTT. :sunglasses:

FAQ: How to Trigger IFTTT Applets with iOS 12’s New Shortcuts App and Siri

Problem is these are the only options with IFTTT. No control over SHM, routines or any complex automations where you want to control multiple devices. Not saying I don’t use IFTTT just saying webCoRE gives so much more control and using Shortcuts allows use of the today widget.

Again, you just have IFTTT turn on a virtual switch, then have that virtual switch coming on be the trigger for any complex logic you want in SmartThings. In the V2 classic app, that could be a routine which could then change SHM armed status or mode or multiple devices, etc.

The virtual switch coming on could also trigger a webcore piston.

FAQ 2017: Have Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT run a routine, change a mode, or arm/disarm Smart Home Monitor (SmartThings Classic)

With the new V3 app, there are fewer choices, but you can still change location.mode, trigger multiple devices, activate a scene, etc. Anything that can subscribe to a switch turning on. :sunglasses:

I’ve used SmartRules for a while now and love it.
I do also use website but find it faster and easier to use this for most things.
Question is, is it worth spending more time on this app given that it’s now not being maintained.

I’d hate to have all these rules only for them to stop working one day.

It’s been working well for me, but hope SmartThings doesn’t change anything that. breaks the connection. To SmartThings as had happened with this same developer’s other app (BeaconThings) or accidentally gets removed from my iPhone. Not sure she’ll happen if the app gets offloaded, but someone else reported not being able to find app in App Store under purchased items even though they’d already installed it in the past.

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Just as a quick note for those that are still using SmartRules and looking for an alternative. I decided to give webCoRE a go yesterday and within just a couple of hours I had replaced all my SmartRules automations with webCoRE pistons.

It seems to have all of the same functionality (plus a lot more), albeit with a slightly steeper learning curve/less simple interface.

My advice though is to give it a go, as my experience was a seamless transition without too much hassle.

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I too am a webCoRE user but the nice thing wi Th SmartRules is the quick tap feature so you can run automations and control devices via the Today widget. Hope the dev comes back soon.

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The widget isn’t something I ever used, so thankfully I don’t miss it.

If the dev for SmartRules came back, I’d happily stick with it, but at least I now have a plan B if SmartRules ever breaks or the app gets lost from my phone for some reason

Well guys after all my frustrations with SmartThings over the past year with flakey apps, slow responses and completely missing basic features, I dropped them completely and moved to hubitat two months back. It’s been awesome. Haven’t looked back.

What about the IFTTT button widget? You can use that to turn on a virtual switch and then trigger off of that.

I use voice control whenever possible but I still like SmartRules still because you can create multiple buttons in the widget with different icons for each. Also, SmartRules is usually a lot faster than IFTTT.

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