[OBSOLETE] GoControl/Linear Multifunction Contact Sensor

This device handler is really great. Thank you @krlaframboise for developing it.
Does anyone have a pinout for the internal header? I was not able to figure out much with a meter.
Also, I am getting a push notification anytime the water sensor reads as wet or smoke is detected. I do not have anything programmed in the app that would trigger these notifications. I do not have any automations running. I am using android marshmallow and currently have both SmartThings and SmartThings Classic installed.

Here’s how I am using the Device Handler.
I modified my device by desoldering the reed switch and running another set of wires out so now it has two external wire ports. One is integrated into a Waterbug water sensor that shuts down my well pump in case of a leak. The GoControl triggers off of a set of NC contacts on the relay and uses the Water sensor feature.

The reed switch pads are now being used to monitor the level in a chlorine injector supply tank. I renamed “Open” and “Closed” per Kevin’s instructions to “Full” and “low” and changed the icons using the list in Kevin’s resources page. I also changed the “Wet” background color to Red.

The past month or so 2 of my 3 gocontrol zwave contact sensors have been getting flaky. The garage entry door into house will show open when I open the door, then closed when I close it. Then it shows and stays open. One time I watched my Action tiles tablet after closing the door and it toggled closed-open several times.

I tried new batteries in both sensors even though they were not low (forget the percentage they are showing). I have wiggled the sensors around try to make the magnet closer, they are on with command strips. Same result. The garage entry door is wood. The other problem sensor is on metal sliding patio door.

This happen to anyone else? Is there a known fix?

I have about 20 of these sensors and I don’t believe I’ve seen that problem. That being said, everything on SmartThings has been somewhat flaky for me lately.


Any way to get the multifunction contact device handler to have the last states displayed like the contact one? and anything need to be updated/added to use in the new mobile app?

Thank you for your work in these.

Sorry to be slow on this but before buying I just want to be sure - this allows using the contact sensor and the external contacts simultaneously right? My Ecolink sensors are an either or setup.

If it’s the same model as the one I wrote the handler for 3 years ago then yes, but I’m pretty sure they discontinued that device a while ago…

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for this DTH. I am using the dry contact feature of this sensor to interface with a network video recorder alarm. It’s working fine except the state is reversed (default (no motion) shows ‘open’ when I’d like it to show 'closed;). I initially tried modifying the generic ZWave device handler unsuccessfully before happening across your work in this thread. Any chance you could guide me in the lines of code I’d need to modify to reverse the reported state?



Please disregard my question. I had another look at your first post and realized that I could customize the attributes and have the primary state report as a motion sensor (which is basically what I’m using it for via the video recorder).


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I’m not able to do anything with this device in the new Smarttthings app. Clicking the tile gives me “Can’t connect to Device. Check device and try again.”
In the classic app, this device has always functioned flawlessly and still is. I have Webcore Pistons set up that still function and the IDE still shows everything as online.
I believe this is the last device I need to get working in the new Android App.
I’ve done a lot of searching but have not found any real generic migration tips.
Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips for this?
Thanks all.

What features are you using that aren’t supported by the built-in DTH?

I had to refer back to where I posted about how I was using this back in Jun 2018 since I couldn’t remember. The only thing I modified from your original version was naming conventions but the below post indicates how I modified the unit for my use.
Thanks again.

Changing the definition section to the following should at least allow you to open the device and see the water, battery, and tamper states.

The new mobile app caches the UI for 12 hours so you might have to change the device to a different DTH and then back to this one to see if the change worked. That doesn’t always work so it’s sometimes easier to just create a new handler with a different name.

name: "GoControl Multifunction Contact Sensor", 
namespace: "krlaframboise", 
author: "Kevin LaFramboise",
ocfDeviceType: "x.com.st.d.sensor.moisture",

Thank you very much. This did work to show the basic stats as indicated. Do you think there will be a more permanent fix once SmartThings stops changing things around?

The device can only appear as one type of primary device, but this handler supports a bunch of different capabilities so changing the ocfDeviceType to the type you want it displayed as is the permanent solution…

I won’t be converting the GoControl/Linear Multifunction Contact Sensor DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it probably doesn’t need a custom driver

Has anyone moved one of these devices over to Edge yet? Mine is still working on the DTH but expect it to quit any time. I’d rather not delete only to find that there are no edge drivers that work. I am currently using both the internal and external contacts on this device so replacing it with something else will require buying two sensors or getting something like an Aeotec Sensor 7 pro.
Thank you

@valkokir Yes you can use zwave masquarade , and edit for contact , i think its default to contact. You can use that driver for many zwave , just look into parameter.

Thanks for the reply.
I will look into this and give it a try. I’m confident I can get one sensor to work but a combination on a multifunction sensor like this is a new one. My last device ( I believe. I need to double check) to convert over to Edge. I don’t have a very large installation though.

Thank you.

You just have to choose your profile its easy.

Thanks again for your time on this. Unfortunately, it is as I suspected and the Masquerade driver will only allow for one binary function of the device. The main advantage of this device in particular is that it has two sensors: magnetic contact and a set of terminals. I modded the device some time ago to remove the reed switch inside and use that set of contacts as another dry contact sensor input.
I think I will give z-wave driver modification a quick trial and see where I get. Spending too much time on this doesn’t make a ton of sense since the cost of two new seperate sensors is not very high but this one has always been extremely reliable with great battery life.