Gocontrol door sensor always open

I have the linear WADWAZ-1 doors/window sensors that have been in use for a long while. all of a sudden they are very unreliable.
they are not working properly. they will show open while the door is closed. I can watch the app and when I close the door the switch will go from close to back open in less than a second.
I have tried performing the zwave rebuild many times and it will work/fix them for a while, then all of a sudden they go back to normally open. you can watch the app and it will blink open when I close the door and never show closed. they are reporting super fast but always open.
this is happening to all 4 door sensors in my system so its hard to believe its the switch.
I have changed out the batteries with no changes
I have tried to update the drive from the choice in the app but that made things worse so I reverted back. I tried to excluded and re-add but it didn’t make a difference.

I think it has to do with an update to the hub because this didn’t start happening until lately.

any solutions to try before I buy all new ones.

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Have these sensors been recently migrated from a Groovy Device Handler to a new Edge Driver. The new Edge Driver might not be fully compatible.

You can check in the mobile app by opening the device tile and then click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. If driver is listed they are using a new Edge Driver and that could be your problem.

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that’s probably it.
driver version is 2023-02 07T19:25:29.987122495

How do I revert back to the older drivers?

You probably can’t, and you probably don’t want to since they will be shutting down Groovy some time in Q1.

You might want to try @Mariano_Colmenarejo β€œZ-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc” Driver and see if it works better.

Same thing here. They stop working today. They don’t recognize the closing signal once you open the door/window they will stay on open no matter what. It is sad to see how smartthings is falling apart every day more.

thanks Paul
I updated with Mariano’s drivers but they only work once. The sensors stay open after the first try. tried both old and newer sensor drivers.

If you work with @Mariano_Colmenarejo and send him CLI logs he may be able to make improvements to the driver.

Sounds like the same issue reported here:

I seem to have better results with the @philh30 driver linked there - you could try that if the @Mariano_Colmenarejo driver isn’t doing it for you.

HI @dav55

With the commercial model I can’t identify the device, I need the fingerprints

If device is paired with the stock Z-Wave Sensor driver and mine, it may be this:

-id: 014F/2001/0102
     deviceLabel: Nortek Open/Closed Sensor
     manufacturerId: 0x014F
     productType: 0x2001
     productId: 0x0102
     deviceProfileName: contact-battery-tamperalert

If it is this, which is in the stock driver and it doesn’t work, you should put a report to have it fixed.

I have made a modification to the midriver, try to see if it works with this version.

 Name         Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2023-02-10T10:36:24.736611037

thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo
I tried that driver. it will react when you first open the door but then stays open for a long while because when I go back later it shows closed.

What fingerprints does the device have?
If it is the one in the stock driver you should file an incident and have it fixed

this is what I got from your zwave thing mc. I don’t know how to tell if its the stock driver.

z-wave Device
ID: 91aad6da-8352-4d53-939a-6892a9c3850c
DNI: 0x1a
Manufacturer: 0x014F
Product Type: 0x2001
Product Id: 0x0102

Yes it is in driver stock and must work fine
@nayelyz Please, how or where is this failure of the stock Z-wave Sensor driver reported?

I can report it. @dav55, or someone else in the same situation, could you share the driver logs to see the events received by it, please?
I think this is because the device reports differently its status and those messages aren’t being handled properly.

For this, you need to:

  1. Set up the ST CLI and run the command below:
smartthings edge:drivers:logcat

Note: You’ll find the Hub’s IP address in the IDE > β€œMy Hubs” section
2. Replicate the issue, and let us know the sequence of actions, for example, open > close > open. To see what was interpreted at the moment.

send the file to build@smartthings.com

having issues running it.
first time it said
logging in … done
error; read ECONNRESET

now I get connecting…failed

I have the exact same door sensors and had the exact same problem. I had to use the masquerade driver by @philh30 and they work perfectly now.

thank you @Raegoul that worked!

This initially worked for me, but now the sensors randomly open. Does anyone else experience that behavior?

Since upgrading the drivers I have not had any issues.

I added philh30 masquerade v1.01 to my hub and the gocontrol door sensors work now.