[OBSOLETE] Fibaro Motion Sensor v3.2

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Alright I bought a z-wave repeater just in case to see if that would help. I’m now having the lux stuck with everything else working…any solutions?

@Slimshizn, I have used different DH now for my fiabros and no matter which one I used they would keep getting stuck. Only way to unstick it was to pull the battery.

Like you, what I find to be extremely annoying is that the fiabro will blink/flash on motion but not register it. I’m at the stage where I can not use them to monitor motion.

Is yr motion sensor version 3.2?

@csc it is indeed

@CSC If not seen already, here you go

I’m sure you have excluded and included mummy he device multiple times, if problem persist I would think it’s your device may be faulty.

I just purchased this V3.2 sensor and installed several of the DH mentioned in this post. Regardless of the DH that I use, including the ZW5 one, it will not sync after I edit parameters. I have done the triple click plus sync in every iteration described with no change to sensor operation. I know its not changing the parameters because I changed parameter 80 to a value of 0 which should disable the LED when motion is detected but it still flashes red every time. What should I try next?

No idea what your issue could be Guy as mine have all synced without issue. Are you sure it is a triple press rather then just a single press as you sync in the DH?

Anyway, install the ‘Z-Wave Tweaker’ DH and assign it to a sensor. Edit a parameter in there and then try to sync to the sensor. See if that works.

I gave that a shot. Doesn’t seem to have made a difference. I did see the parameters scroll through correctly under live logging but it seems as though they are not making it to the sensor itself. I’m sure I’m doing a triple push as the sensor turns and stays blue for a few minutes but nothing happens. After the light turns off the sensor turns red when motion is detected no matter what parameter 80 is set to. I’ve had it set to 0,2,3 but it always flashes red for motion.

From memory is there not another parameter you need to change also to make it work the way you require, I may be wrong but think you have to change a couple of parameters to achieve this.

As far as I can tell parameter 80 is stand alone. Several others after this one are dependent on 80.

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I was directed to try a different DH that is working perfectly:
[ SmartThings/devicetypes/krlaframboise/fibaro-motion-sensor-zw5.src/fibaro-motion-sensor-zw5.groovy ](http:// SmartThings/devicetypes/krlaframboise/fibaro-motion-sensor-zw5.src/fibaro-motion-sensor-zw5.groovy )

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I am using the DTH (which I had to bring in manually as I can not see any of your DTH when I try to update from your repository).

It appears to be displaying in F for now, but it is 12 F too high. Showing 26C or 79F, where it needs to be offset -12F.

How do I accomplish this?


Goto setting page of your device, parameter 66 allow you to offset temperature.

I got it.

The soonchye DH was too cryptic for the adjustment, 01-100 and 64565-65565.

I used the krlaframboise DH which was much easier to use and seems to sync much better.

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Do share the link to the device handler

I normally wouldn’t post a link to my DTH on a topic for another DTH because I hate when users do that on mine, but you asked for the link.

I haven’t created a forum topic for it because there are already several DTHs available for this sensor, but you can find the code here,

After switching DTHs you should always update the settings screen and then wake the device up.

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If it help fellow ST solve their problem, I don’t have issue on sharing the code here

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The LED brightness control doesn’t seem to work for me.
Anyone struggled with this issue?