[OBSOLETE] Fibaro Motion Sensor v3.2

This version only tested on v3.2 of Fibaro Motion Sensor, it may not work on other version.

I combined the excellence code from @CyrilPeponnet + the SmartThings code for the sensors and come out with this version.

So far I only tested on the following parameters, but it should work with the rest.
20. Tamper - sensitivity. 0 = inactive. Range from 1-121, default = 20…
42. Frequency of LUX reporting
80. Visual LED indicator. 4 - red, 5 - green, 6 - blue, 7 - yellow…
81. LED brightness

Release note:

  • The code will perform update for all the parameters when you sync, and not just the changes. This is something that can be improve further down the road.
  • The code will not read existing parameter from your fibaro sensor, seems to have no way to read it at this point of time. It will use the default value for first load.


I noticed in your params you Lux setting is 0-200, which means every lux change from 0 to 200 lux will send a report? From my little experimentation i found that param 40 should be something high like 100-200 and param42 set to 60 seconds or longer, rather than off. Do you get continuous updates with your current settings?

I see the below, I’ve parameter 40 set at 20, and parameter 42 set at 300 (every 5 mins), parameter 42 seems to work perfectly, no reporting when it’s 0 lux

Interesting, will give your device handler a blast today :slight_smile:
And shout back.

ok before i install - on param40 which attr did you set to 20? 20-200? or 0-20? and for 42 0-300 i assume?

For parameter 40, just put 20 (not 0-20), and for parameter 42, put 300 (not 0-300)

Can the light be turned off. I have a fibaro in my bathroom at and night the motion sensor light would be better if it is either dimmed way down or off completely.

Check out parameters 81, 82, 83.

I tested parameter 81 before and set it to 0, the LED seems to be dimmer

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Your DTH is awesome! I got the Fibaro Motion because I’d read elsewhere it has much fewer false motion triggers when used outside (and you can also change the parameters easier to make it even better), but when I got it, there was no 3.2 support out there. I almost returned it, but saw you were working on something. I installed it over the weekend, and I get only about 1 false motion a day (it’s on a porch that the sun shines on for a couple hours every morning), whereas the Smartthings Motion sensor would trigger every 5 minutes or so. Your DTH makes it work! Thanks!

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Thanks for the work here but I cannot seem to get your handler to work. It doesn’t seem to take my input around sensitivity and regular LUX readings (every 300 seconds). Additionally, I cannot seem to get it to sync or it shows that it’s synced but the parameters are not being followed. I’m using the v3.2 sensor with the v2 ST Hub. I’ve tried a couple of sensor resets but receive the same results.

In my conversations with Fibaro, it seems as if they don’t want ST users to be able to change parameters. I’m not sure why this is but I’m wondering if their firmware is meant to block our inputs.

Have you been able to replicate success on the v2 ST hub?

Thanks again for your work here.


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I’m using it on v2 hub as well.

In order for the sync to happen, you need to put the sensor in sync mode by triple click the B button behind the sensor (remove the battery case), then quickly click the sync button in the app to trigger the actual sync.

Do describe the actual steps you have done + screen shots, that should help me to see what went wrong.

I was really unhappy when I got this sensor, since it was lacking any kind of control. So yeah, thanks for this. It works wonderfully. It seems to be working well enough to detect human motion, and (I’m testing this today when I’m out) not my dog. It is likely not even possible, but it would be cool if it could somehow be set to inactive. Either way, very pleased.

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Has anyone tested this with FW version 3.1? The motion sensor I have is 3.1 and I am having some issues with it working as well as i would like.

Did you try your sensor with the older device handler

Thats what I am currently using though it tends to be a little flaky. Was hoping this would work with 3.1 as the auto update feat I believe would help a lot.

You can try the code from Cyril Fibaro Motion Sensor - New device-handler with all settings and auto sync feature

How is your testing so far?

seems pretty solid so far, the lux setting is working as expected - not had time to fully test out the motion sensor part - as ive been using a smartthings sensor for motion… and the fibaro for just the Lux - when i get chance next week after i finish doing some plastering ill be moving the sensors and using the fibaro as the only sensor (motion and lux) so will shout back then.
but seems to work as expected (it lights up on normal motion etc so its registering things just fine) :slight_smile:

Apologies for the slow response and thanks for your previous replies.

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I’ve a few queries in relation to this Device Type, hope someone had help me out.
When you mention V3.2 is this in relation to the firmware that the Sensor uses? How do you know what Firmware Version the device in on?

If you make any changes to the parameters, you need to hit the B button 3 times and then hit the pending button on the App. But at what stage do you know if the new setting have taken?


It’s printed on the box that carry the sensor

On the live logging, you can see the progress. Otherwise you can’t tell.