Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor

This device seems to be sold-out nearly everywhere and the price is outrageous on Amazon. Is there an issue with them and they have been pulled or are they struggling to meet the demand?

Not sure what is going on with Amazon, but doing a general search on other retailers it appears that it is still being sold.

AEON Motion

Zwaveproducts,com has it at the more typical price of $59.99

Looks like most of the smaller zwave retailers are sold out, though. Perhaps a new generation is coming out? For now, it may just be a question of stock on hand.

Yep all being sold but I think the device is a new revision and I’ve posted on another thread that it doesn’t seem to work any more with smartthings. The latest device shows manufacture date of the 02/02/2016 v3.2. Basically, even when you force change the device type in the ide it doesn’t work anymore :disappointed:

Hmmm…checking the official Fibaro site, it appears that the latest current version is 2.8 if we’re talking about the motion sensor, the one that looks like an eyeball.

So first question, where did you buy the one you have? And are you sure it’s on the same frequency as your hub? The smartthings UK hub and the SmartThings US hub use different zwave frequencies and can only talk to devices using exactly the same frequency.

I’m based in the UK and just purchased these a few days ago from Amazon UK. Pretty annoyed they don’t work like my existing ones.
The label on the box clearly says EU v3.2 manufactured 2/2/2016. says sold out too. I suppose they are releasing a new revision. I shall check back again shortly. Hopefully this does not mean they ran into a problem and pulled them.

My reason for looking at these motion sensors is to replace my frequently failing SmartThings motion sensors. I must remove the battery from each of the 5 I currently have once every couple of weeks to get them to reconnect. The SmartThings Multi Sensors seem to have the same issue. Maybe it is a zigbee problem but I have tried all troubleshooting steps repeatedly and even added some smart outlets to extend the network. Ultimately these seem to drop off and stop reporting. My z-wave devices seem to be more reliable.

I wouldn’t be so eager to buy any if they are the same version I’ve just purchased. V3.2 do not work with smartthings for the time being.

Who was the actual seller, Amazon or a third party?

The Fibaro is on the official compatibility list, so I would definitely contact support.

I’d also check with Fibaro about the version number.

Let us know what you find out.

Support have acknowledged the fault and are looking into.

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Can’t imagine writing a new device handler would be too hard, from what I’ve seen bandied about, the new sensors use notification reports alarm frames to notify motion

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the smartest house has them for 59 bucks. Just ordered mine a few days ago.

I order 2 from and they sent me an email stating that they are sold out and Fibaro is indeed releasing a new version. There is no ETA but Fibaro told them they have shipped.

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Yeah, the newest version doesnt work with ST.

Where do I locate the version? I have it but am not seeing where to find the version?

On the box itself on silver label where it shows the manufactured date.

Yeah mine doesnt have a silver label. I was hoping to confirm if mine was a new one and working.

Just got my Fibaro motion sensor EU v3.2 Not working here either

Nuts, I have 5 of these arriving tomorrow! Amazon Prime though, so should be easy enough to send back if they don’t work.

I would hold on to them until you absolutely have to send them back. Might be a fix before then. Maybe contact support about it?