Accessing the IDE?

When I got my ST hub I tried using to install Core, but it would never do anything. On Reddit someone suggested to use And it worked. I have to use the second link to for the IDE. Whats the difference?

There are different servers or as ST calls them is Shards.

This is the one I always use in my bookmarks:

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I believe all the older accounts are on shard1 and the newer accounts are on shard2. Europe has a separate one as well I think. Funny enough. I tried and they told me I have no hub and follow the steps to claim a hub.
There is no way for a new user to know unless you asked but on the other hand. IDE is for “developers” so we are not suppose to be messing around d with it unless we know what we are doing.

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IDE is for anyone who is able to tweak or as we are called the Tinker.

This issue is a recurring theme here where new users always go to the wrong shard and get totally confused.
I put in a feature request months ago requesting that the server a user is on is displayed in the app somewhere.
Didn’t get any response from anyone in ST.
So here we go again.
Come on @slagle @anyone in ST, how about some sort of response to this continually occurring issue.
When are you going to make it easy for new users to identify their shard?


As others have noted, this is a common, and frustrating, point of confusion.

To help alleviate the confusion, we’ve added documentation on the sharding architecture, as well as added a guide for publishing custom code, emphasizing the need to select the correct Location in the IDE.

Given the openness of the SmartThings platform, and the fact that some integrations may have been written and documented before the concept of shards was introduced, it’s likely that there are installation instructions that do not include the important step of selecting the correct Location. Hopefully, especially for currently active projects, any incomplete/outdated installation instructions can be updated by the authors or other contributors.

Sorry but I’m not sure how this helps.
Let’s just say I have bought a new hub.
How do I know which shard I am on?
Where does it tell me?


Make sure you choose the correct Location before you self-publish code.

EDIT: If there are clarifications we can make to the docs here to make this clearer, please let us know so we can make improvements. Thanks!

Wouldn’t it be easier to direct the user to the correct shard from


Hi @lmosenko
I think that’s the point. People are using it and expecting to see their hub straight away. It works directly if you are on that shard but not if you are on NA02 or EU01.
If you are not, there is nothing to say click on Locations and then Home to get to your specific shard.
Because this platform has been around a while, and I love it BTW, all older posts etc. use the url you quoted.
All it would need is on that log on page accessed from your url, perhaps 3 links to the 3 shards. At least that way it would make people think about where they should be and stop confusion.
People can then bookmark the correct link for their hub.
I’m just trying to make this easier for new users.
ST obviously don’t want that. (IMO).
Still love this platform though and I am now getting nagged by the wife to automate more stuff!!!

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Agree totally.

thanks everyone!

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