[OBSOLETE] Dome Siren (Official)

Have this Dome Siren for a few weeks now. Tested it with out the family in the house and it is louder than the Fortrezz Siren. Big emprovment.


It looks like the siren is still receiving commands but not playing any sounds. It tells me “this device is unavailable at the moment”. I tried rebooting the hub and no luck. Thanks

Try removing the batteries from the device, waiting about 10 minutes and then putting them back in.

If that doesn’t work you might have to remove the device from SmartThings and add it again.

If you’re unable to remove the device, force the removal through SmartThings and then perform a factory reset on the device by holding the action button until the led starts blinking which should take about 10 seconds.

I’ve got an interesting issue with the Dome siren. After triggering an alarm and then clearing it by disarming the system and acknowledging the intrusion, the siren will no longer play chimes.

When I try to send chimes to the siren, the following debug message is displayed:

94419612-2175-4cae-9fc8-0aebb4eff7ce 8:26:12 PM: trace Exiting takeAction()
5f7f460f-b925-4a2c-955f-fa2b64bb17b8 8:26:12 PM: debug Unable to start chime because alarm is on or pending.
4073c39b-cd8b-41c2-a150-d07998e90fbd 8:25:58 PM: debug Parse returned {{ linkText }} has arrived

The alarm is off, and the system doesn’t show any pending alarms to the best of my knowledge (SHM states “everything is okay”, Dome Siren is “off”, I don’t see any debug messages showing a pending alarm.

If I remove the siren from Smartthings, exclude it and add it back in, the chimes work again. However, once an alarm is triggered, the “unable to start chime because alarm is on or pending” debug message is displayed again.

The only change I have made recently is adding two Lowes Iris Door/Window sensors model# 3320-L.

Any ideas?


That’s an internal flag which is unrelated to the hardware or other devices so there’s no need to remove the device when that happens.

It shouldn’t be doing that and I’ll look into it, but when it happens you should be able to clear that flag by tapping the “Off” tile. If that doesn’t clear it try tapping the “Alarm” file and then tapping the “Off” tile as soon as the alarm turns on.

What do you have “Alarm Delay” and “Alarm Duration” set to in the device settings?

Are you sure you’re on the latest version of the DTH?

Mine is not even part of the security things yet. I have not got that far because I can’t get the dome to work reliably. Sounds like from above I am having the exact same issue. I only unboxed it a few hours ago so I am on the latest handler. The only way I can get it to chime, bell, siren etc is by re-adding it.

Here are my logs from after a relink. Everything is fine until after the siren turning on:

6:43:40 PM: debug Unable to start chime because alarm is on or pending.
6:43:32 PM: debug Unable to start chime because alarm is on or pending.
6:43:23 PM: debug Turning Off()
6:43:14 PM: debug Turning on Siren (Alarm 3 (Default))
6:43:01 PM: debug Playing Chime (#4)
6:42:49 PM: debug Device Checked In
6:42:39 PM: debug Playing Chime (#7)
6:42:18 PM: debug Playing Chime (#8)
6:42:16 PM: debug Playing Chime (#8)
6:42:10 PM: debug Playing Chime (#4)
6:42:08 PM: debug Playing Chime (#10)
6:42:04 PM: debug Playing Chime (#9)
6:41:53 PM: debug Playing Chime (#3)
6:41:46 PM: debug Playing Chime (#1)
6:41:41 PM: debug Device Checked In
6:41:31 PM: debug Playing Chime (#6)
6:41:04 PM: debug Battery 86%
6:40:53 PM: debug Battery 86%
6:40:52 PM: debug Chime LED = 1
6:40:49 PM: debug Siren LED = 1
6:40:48 PM: debug Chime Mode = 1
6:40:45 PM: debug Siren Sound = 8
6:40:44 PM: debug Chime Volume = 1
6:40:43 PM: debug Chime Repeat = 1
6:40:39 PM: debug Siren Length = 2
6:40:37 PM: debug Device Checked In
6:40:37 PM: debug Siren Volume = 3
6:40:34 PM: debug Sending configuration to device.

Thanks Kevin. Even when I tap the “Off” tile or the “Alarm” tile and then tap the “Off” tile, it doesn’t clear the status. The alarm then semi-randomly sounds several times for a while. I’ll tap the “Off” tile and it’ll stop the alarm for a while. The alarm will then sound sporadically I’ll tap off and it’ll stop. That’ll repeat for a while and then the alarm will stop sounding, but the flag for the “alarm on or pending” doesn’t seem to clear.

Alarm Delay is 60 seconds and Alarm Duration is 1 minute.

I think I have the latest. The header from the device handler I have installed says:


  • Dome Siren v1.1.6
  • (Model: DMS01)
  • Author:
  • Kevin LaFramboise (krlaframboise)


Turn off the “Alarm Delay” and see if that solves the problem.

SmartThings broke something within the last few days so clearing a state value by setting it to null no longer works.

I’ve released a new version that clears the flag a different way and should solve your problem.

Thanks for the research and quick resolution Kevin. I’ll pull the new handler in tonight and test it out.

Perfect, thank you! Your commit to set state.sirenStartTime = false worked perfectly.

Is there a debugger in the SmartThings IDE? I’m curious as to how you figured out that particular flag was the culprit.

Live logging is the only debugging tool SmartThings provides.

I knew that the message you both were seeing only happens when sirenStartTime has a value and tapping off should have fixed the problem because it sets it to null.

I remembered seeing this post so I knew that SmartThings broke the ability to clear a state value by setting it to null.

It sounds like SmartThings fixed the issue they were having so the original version of my DTH is probably working again.

What’s the correct/current Device Handler for the Dome Siren?

It looks like 1.1.6 is the most recent version at the top of this thread.

But the “Siren” link from this Dome “How to connect to ST” support page…


… links to a Version 1.2

If I’m seeing it correctly, it looks like it’s for the same Dome Siren discussed in this thread, so the v1.2 linked from Dome’s support page is the current /correct version?

Am I seeing this right? Is that v1.2 is the best one to use??

If you click the link in the first post you’ll see that it takes you tot he same version as Dome’s website.

The version shown in the first post of this topic doesn’t automatically change when the file it’s linking to is updated.


I got the siren up and running … and the siren (and device handler, and the instructions above) all work like a charm.

I purchased it specifically to have a ‘door chime’ whenever any of my doors open, and it works perfectly.

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Will this work?

I have the Dome siren setup to go off when one of the fire alarms activates. - This works great!

I also have the Dome siren setup to chime at low volume when a door is opened - This works great too!

My problem is that I want to use a different Alarm sound for my flood sensor. I choose audio device, custom and a different alarm and it uses the volume and duration for the chime, not the alarm. So, low volume and short duration.

Is there any way to fix this?



Hi I have my Dome siren set to “Play until battery is depleted”.

My use case is that sometimes the garage door is accidently left open and I want the siren to be sounding the entier time it’s open. The thing is, it stops after a short period.

Has anyone else experienced this or had this same issue?

Thanks so much!

The alarm sound is determined by a configuration setting and it is activated by sending the on command to the device.

The chimes are played by sending the sound # to the device using the indicatorSet command.

To be able to use more than one sound for a siren the code would have to change the configuration setting and wait for it to change before turning the device on. The siren would take a couple of seconds longer to turn on so I didn’t build that functionality into the DTH.

The device does have the ability to reverse the chime and siren functionality which would allow you to use multiple sirens, but that would prevent you from using the device to play multiple chimes.

If you make the changes below it should reverse the chime and siren functionality, but I haven’t tested. I recommend setting the volume of the chime and siren to 1 before trying it just in case you have problems turning it off.

Line 884: change the 5 to a 6.

Line 924: Change the 1 to a 2.

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There might be a bug with the settings, but I don’t have time to play around with it.

Try replacing the 4 on line 1037 with 255 and let me know if that fixes it. After making the change you’ll need to save/publish the code and update that setting in the mobile app.