[OBSOLETE] Dome Siren (Official)

How do I use my own MP3?

You can’t.

Maybe you’re thinking of the aeotec doorbell.

This device can only play the sounds it comes with.

The only similar device I’m aware of that can play MP3s is the Aeon Labs Doorbell, but it’s not loud of enough to be a siren, the mp3s are limited to 20 seconds, and there’s a 1-3 second delay before the sound plays.

@krlaframboise can this device handler be used with zoos chime as well?

thank you.

Use this one.

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@krlaframboise I’m going nuts here! I’ve added and published the device handler, but every time I go to add the Dome Siren, nothing shows up as an option :frowning:

I’m not sure what you mean by “nothing shows up as an option”.

When you try to add the device using the mobile app, does it find it?

If it finds the device and the default name is Dome Siren, then it’s using this DTH.

Sorry, what I meant was the mobile app doesn’t find the device :confused:

I believe you have to press the button inside the device 3 times really fast…

yeah, I’m doing that. I think I got a lemon. Having Amazon send a replacement.

I was able to add the device and can play the different sounds out of the device page in the smartthings app. yet, I’m not able to find a smartapp that allows me to play a select sound, say a chime that rings once, on certain events such as a switch turned on. I have the 1.1.6 DH. Any help on that ?

There’s a link to a pdf guide above the code in the first post. That guide has examples of how to use it with Smart Home Monitor and Speaker Notify with Sound. Speaker Notify with Sound was renamed to Speaker Companion, but the steps should be similar.

Many Thanks Kevin four your prompt reply. I did see this help off and installed the companion speaker app. Yet the app gives me that ’ this speaker can only play current selection’ and thus it only works in Alarm mode where it gets triggered for a minimum 30 seconds. I’m not able to find how can i change the default mode to make it operate as a chime to signal select events

In the Speaker Companion SmartApp, choose the “Play a notification” option and select “Bell 1” from the list. Then choose the siren from the “On this Speaker player” field.

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Thanks Kevin!! Play notification option worked. I was earlier selecting Play.

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My alarm suddenly has stopped working. It looks like the messages are being sent to it, but no sounds come out at all. I’ve tried swapping batteries but that didn’t fix it. Dead hardware?

Update: I looked at the device through the IDE. It appears to be connected and has been sent on/off messages through my routines.

I would exclude it via the app, then try to pair it back again as a new device. If you have numerous SmartApps using the Siren and are worried about losing all your setting etc. then create a virtual/simulated device, go to the Dome Siren in the ST app > SmartApps tab, then go into each SmartApp listed, edit it adding the new virtual/simulated device to each. Once you pair it back and it is working then go to the new simulated device > SmartApps and again edit them adding back the Dome Siren…

Go into the device’s settings through the mobile app and make sure that you have the “Alarm Delay” setting set to off. If that doesn’t fix it, open live logging, tap the alarm button in the mobile app, wait about 5 seconds then tap the off button and post the live logging data.

Thanks. I reset the unit to factory defaults and re-added it to my network. Now an alarm trigger turns on the LEDS (I had shut them off previously) but still no sound comes out. I’ve tried the whole slew of sound buttons (Siren 1, 2, …) but no sound. Do I have a dead unit?

10:23:08 PM: debug Turning Off()
10:23:01 PM: debug Device Checked In
10:23:01 PM: debug Device Checked In
10:22:59 PM: debug Turning on Siren (Alarm 3 (Default))