SmartThings Staff removed all my GitHub repository settings

(Joel W) #1

I went to my IDE and it loaded real fast. I also noticed all the entries were blue. Alt the repository info was missing. Yes it is still there in settings, but it no longer tells me if I need and update. I didn’t ask them to do this. I am pissed off.

Help, IDE is no longer showing integration, links are missing
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(Paul) #2

FYI. I’m on the UK shard and mine are still present.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

Do you open a ticket asking why the ide was slow?

I doubt a tech is going to go in and remove the GitHub integration without at least a request by you to fix an issue.

(Paul) #4

Github IDE integration not officially supported in the UK.

So I personally put up with it being slow just so I know when the more important DTH’s and SmartApps are updating.

(Robin) #5

They haven’t touched my UK GitHub integration (yet) so hopefully not a change impacting the whole of the UK shard.

DH and SA pages still take ages to load and repositories still linked.

(Joel W) #6

Well it was there until about 6:00 PM EST now gone. My settings are still there but all the SmartApps and DHTs aren’t filled out so no automatic checking.

(Eric) #7

thanks for posting - good reminder to scrape entries for record.

(Joel W) #8

Staff got in touch, they are looking at my problem.

(Jason) #9

I am having the identical issue, check this out. Support ticket # 329122

(Joel W) #10

Support got back to me and had me remove certain settings and then it was restored, I don’t know if once the bad entries were removed or by the tech.

(Jason) #11

I still have not heard from them. I will email again, I am just glad they can fix it, thank you very much for letting me know.

(Jason) #12

What did support have you do? I still have not heard from them and getting a little frustrated.

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #13

Hello @jasonrwise77,

I was the one helping @joelw135.

If you are having issues with the GitHub integration, please check to make sure that repos you are trying to import from are in the correct format as specified our docs.

The culprit that is causing this issue is a change in the name of a repo by krlaframboise from SmartThingsPublic to SmartThings.

Feel free to PM if you can’t fix the IDE pages.

(Jason) #14

Can you please help me fix this, I am on the phone being transfered to tier 2 support and I don’t want my ide messed up if you can fix it.

(Jason) #15

Thank you, all fixed, have a great weekend.

(Marc) #16

I’m synching @krlaframboise’s repos and do not have this issue.

(Kevin) #17

My active repository has always been SmartThings, but I had a few duplicate items in a forked SmartThingsPublic repository because they were submitted for publication. I added a bunch of read me files stating not to use anything in the SmartThingsPublic folder, but you most likely set it up before I added them.

Since SmartThings is no longer publishing community submitted work, there’s no point in maintaining 2 repositories so I deleted the fork from SmartThingsPublic.

I’m not sure why, but the My SmartApps and My Device Handlers pages in the IDE load about 100x faster since I deleted that repository.