[OBSOLETE] D-Link Camera Virtual Switch Controller

##D-Link Camera Virtual Switch Controller

This SmartApp will allow you to tie a switch (or virtual switch) to any of your D-Link camera’s custom commands.

Want to turn the PIR sensor on/off when you run your ‘Goodbye!’ routine? Done. Want the camera to move to a preset position when someone hits a light switch? Done.

##Installation Instructions:

  1. Add the Github Repo to your IDE with the following settings:
  • Owner: blebson
  • Name: dlink-virtual-switch-controller
  • Branch: master
  1. Go to the “My SmartApps” tab in the IDE and click
  2. Select dlink-virtual-switch-controller (master) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the SmartApp in the ‘New’ tab.
  4. Click on ‘Execute Update’
  5. In your ‘My SmartApps’ section of IDE, select open:
  6. When the SmartApp opens, click Publish → For Me
  7. Now, go into the SmartThings App on your phone/tablet
  8. Go to the ‘Marketplace’ tab in the bottom right.
  9. Go to the ‘SmartApps’ tab and select ‘My Apps’
  10. Select “D-Link Camera Virtual Switch Controller”
  11. Follow the instructions to set up the SmartApp

#github Repo:

##Compatible Cameras:

Any camera supported by the D-Link Camera Manager (Connect) SmartApp will work with this. See the following post for a list of compatible cameras:


Hey Ben, amazing work with these apps!

I’m having some trouble with a 2630L and this app. I’ve created a virtual (simulated) switch which I’m hoping to use to turn on and off motion detection on the 2630L. I’ve verified that I’ve setup the camera correct and I have no issues enabling / disabling the motion detection from the ST device itself (verified in the web UI, works wonderfully). I successfully setup an instance of this smart app tying to together the virtual switch and the motion option the camera - no errors in the live logs. However, whenever I manually flip the virtual switch the HTTP request does not actually trigger on the camera ST device.

When I manually toggle the virtual switch on / off here are the logs:

8b8f2862 11:17:07 AM: debug State Changed to Off. 1abc9312 11:17:07 AM: debug PUBLISHED on()

(8b8f2862 is the virtual switch controller, 1abc9312 is the virtual switch)

The message doesn’t make it to the camera device. I tried re-saving the switch controller:

8b8f2862 11:16:45 AM: debug Updated with settings: [mySwitch:Virtual Camera Motion Switch, camera:Yoshi Cam, commandOn:motionOn, commandOff:motionOff]

If that helps. Not sure what I’m missing at this point. I’ve included a screenshot of the configuration of the switch controller as well.

It looks like there is a bug with motion right now that I will fix shortly. I want to point out, however, that motion on/off is the default command on the camera so if you use the camera as a normal switch in a routine or SmartApp it will toggle the motion detection.

I’ll let you know once I’ve updated the code.

Ah, I completely missed that it’s the default command. That simplifies things greatly. Thanks again for all your hard work!

No worries. I’ve updated the SmartApp so that it should work for motion commands now. I’ve also updated the D-Link Camera Manager post to show the default commands more clearly.

I am new to ip cameras… do I need three different ip address for a camera? one for camera itself, two for video, and third for photos… any help/links setting up the camera would be appreciated.

There is one internal and one external IP for a camera. You should use the internal IP on everything except for video if you are looking to access it externally.