[OBSOLETE] Smart Night Vision

This is a SmartApp I’ve been using for a while but I figured there might be someone out there who would want to use it as well.

What it does: This SmartApp will tie your D-Link IP camera’s night vision to a switch or dimmer. The idea is that some cameras have wonky illuminance detection and it is nice to have more granular control. You simply link a camera with a switch or dimmer (and specify the dimmer level) and this SmartApp will ensure that the camera changes it’s night vision accordingly. This way you can ensure that your camera switches to night-vision as soon as the light turns off even if it might technically be light enough for the camera to forego auto-switching. Likewise, when you turn on the light it will ensure you get a full color picture even if the camera’s sensor doesn’t think it’s bright enough.

Prerequisites: In order to use this SmartApp you will need to be using one of the cameras that I have already released a devicetype for. Please ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of each of the devicetypes.

Compatibility List:


This is an intresting concept. I have a couple of Foscam cameras which constantly turn on and off the IR during sunset. They don’t properly detect the light I guess. You can hear an audible click when this happens, really annoying.

I wonder if the IR can be controlled though the device handler. I’m using @RBoy device handler perhaps that would be better answered by someone with more knowledge than I

I will actually need a new baby monitoring camera shortly. How are the D-Links?

Yes, you can control the LED’s through the following commands:


You can either modify the above SmartApp from @blebson to call these methods or you can use Rule Machine to call them.