Cameras ON when I'm away Beta App

I found this Beta App:

Is there anyway to get it to work for DLink cameras?

where do you find that?

I created a new device type in the IDE and that was one of the options.

Edit: you can find it in the UI, select the “+” then “Things” then “Cameras”.

What kind of cameras do you own?
I’m trying to get my DLink cameras to turn on and off by ST modes. Or just turn the motion detection on and off.

I’m on the ide and don’t see this in the available apps. The category “available beta apps” actually has nothing in it. I’m using Dropcam.

got it, that app requires the use of a smart outlet.

I’ve seen this on the forums but since you lose saved photos and can’t export them it seems pointless.

I will take a look at that link.
I already have one of my DLink cameras on a smart power outlet, just seems a little unnecessary to control it that way.

I have two D-Link cameras connected to GE outlet switches. Works fine for me.