[OBSOLETE] Control lighting in great detail with button devices (Aeon Minimote, Enerwave ZWN-SC7)

I am working on an app that lets you control lights in great detail with button based controllers. An example of a configuration would be:

Button 1:
Philips Hue Bulb 1 - Red, 50%
Philips Hue Bulb 2 - Green, 90%
Lamps - On, 70%
Overhead Light - On

So far it is working great and has been tested with the two button controllers listed in the title. Setting each light for each button is a little tedious, but it was the only way I could get the control that I was looking for. I consider the app about 90% - 100% complete. I am just giving it time to cook before I give it the green light, but the community is more than welcome to use it, improve upon it, or use it in their own creations.

Edit 03/08/2016 - I made some modifications to the app. You can now choose how many buttons your device has. For devices that support “push” and “held” events, you still use the mapping listed in the SmartApp notes. For example, if you use the Aeon Minimote you configure the number of buttons as 8. 1-4 are when the buttons are pressed. 5-8 are for when they are held.

Another change is you can now name the SmartApp instance. Useful if you install the app multiple times. The overall flow of the app is much better in my opinion. Much easier to navigate.

Here are some screen shots:


Looks great. Installing now and will play with it this weekend!

I followed the link to github but it looks to be a dead link already. Can you provide a new link?


Works good, thanks. Couple of things that I would like to see, but I am no coder, so can’t do myself. One would be to allow either a quick press to turn on and off, or program it so that a quick press is on and long press of same minimote button is off.

Basically right now I have it setup to just turn lights on, I then installed the smartthings minimote button app and have just setup the long press button options to turn the same lights off.

If I read the code right, you can do that with this app already. Button 5 in the SmartApp will respond to button 1 held on the minimote, button 6 is button 2 held, etc… So just setup buttons 5-8 as the off options.

Yeah as @Sticks18 mentioned, button 5-8 represents buttons 1-4 being held on the minimote. So:

5 = 1 held
6 = 2 held
7 = 3 held
8 = 4 held

I have been thinking about adding a toggle function as suggested, but haven’t gotten around to it.

I don’t know what to say, the link seems to be working for myself and for others.

Interesting… The link works today. I am not sure what the issue was yesterday.


FYI, I added a “Random” option to the color selection for color lights. I have 7 hue devices in 1 room and it is kind of cool to have them all turn to a random color. More flashy than practical, but . . . why not. :wink:

This is awesome just what i needed. Thanks Eric

Nice work, this deserves more attention than it has received. The random function is a lot of fun!

@Armedmetallica @kelchm Glad you guys like it. It has been working well for me for some time now. I use the random function more than I thought I would. :smile:

OK…so I will preface this by saying I know nothing :). I just put in a gazillion dimmers mixed between GE (new style with neutral) and the vzmx levitons. There was a deal over the holidays so I bit the bullet. I also installed an sc7. I think I have it synced to my ST but it doesnt do anything. WIll this code help? I dont know how to install it…I have logged into the IDE and I am probably with a little help capable of getting it to work but I dont know much about the code thing, I see my device types and device types…install from code etc. I feel like I am gonna screw something up without some pointers. Any help?

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You’ll need the custom device type code for the sc7. There should be a thread dedicated to it with instructions for getting the code to work with the device. This SmartApp would help you create lighting scenes and assign them to one of the buttons, but you need the custom device type so ST will ewgister the button presses.

Here’s the FAQ on using custom code. It should help you understand how to get this SmartApp and the custom sc7 devicetype into your account.

Edited: here’s the thread for the sc7. Sorry it’s long and I couldn’t scan it for the most relevant posts. Usually the first one is updated with code links and general instructions.

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Ok. Copied the code in my device type. Re-searched and it comes up as the button controller. Now I’m trying to figure out how to assign stuff to it. Added 2 lights on button 1 and nothing. I’ll keep trouble shooting. I just got the hub this week and I’m going crazy trying to learn how to copy the codes posted. It’s cool, and fun. Also trying to better understand device vs device type and how it all works.

I got it!!! Cant believe it works, but it does! I realized I need to add the device type, then the corresponding app. Is that always the case? Will there always be 2 things to do when installing custom code?

Not always. Depends on the device and SmartApp that you’re trying to install. The sc7 isn’t officially supported, so you needed a custom devicetype for it. And the SmartApp in this thread was community created and has not been submitted/approved officially either; otherwise, it would show up in the SmartApp “Marketplace” in the mobile app.

If either the device or SmartApp was already supported by ST, you wouldn’t have to copy/paste code. Once you installed the custom sc7 code, you could have used one of the official button controller apps like Smart Lighting, but this custom SmartApp is more flexible.

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Makes sense…Thank you for your help!!!

Has anyone had any luck using this with Lifx bulbs? It took me a while to get anything going as I had to futz with the latency to not get an error message. I can get them to turn off, but get error messages when trying to turn them on. I’m guessing Hue and Lifx need different info for color, hue, etc and I won’t have any success with doing anything other than using the minimote as a basic toggle.

I could not get the LIFX bulbs to work without modifying the device type. I’m not sure if they wouldn’t work with my app or with SmartApps in general. Do you know if the LIFX bulbs work with Smart Lighting with the default device type?