Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

I sent you a pm. I’m interested in four of them.

My understanding is that functionality wise there isn’t a difference. I use them for resetting devices. My plans involved turning them into bedside controllers using the guts, but I don’t have the time fr that now. They do have some scuff marks.

Nope still there. It’s a used item sold by amazon warehouse. Generally have great luck there.

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I’m not seeing the deal

Can the minimotes be used to control the lights on my Hue Bridge?

Yes, they can. There are a few SmartApps out there that can do it. I created one that allows you to really fine tune what you want the lights to do:

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A-Z warehouse " used" usually just means a damaged box. I always check there first. 1 of the GE outdoors I got “used” actually was a return, had to do exclusion before it would connect. Small price to pay for saving $20.

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Lifx has two good deals going on.

First, the original color bulb is $29.99 using this link and the code: cybermonday at checkout.

Second, the new Color 1000 is $44.99 using blackfriday25 at checkout.

The biggest difference is the original one uses 17 watts of electricity (at full brightness) and heats up much more than the new one which only uses 11 watts at full brightness. The new bulb is a little brighter at 1055 vs 1017 lumens and is slightly smaller as well. It is now size A19 instead of the larger A21 size.

Overall both bulbs are compelling deal especially when considering that even the temperature adjustable Osram Lightify goes for $30 and even the bargin bulbs are (GE Link, Cree Connected, etc) $15 and throw out a lot less light (800 - 850 lumens).

Edit:Shipping is around $7.50 or free if you spend $350 (i think) or more.

I seem to get charged $7.59 for shipping when trying to check out the lifx original which brings it over the price that amazon currently has for the original at $35. Just a heads up.

If you can find a local Target with a Nest cam in stock, I picked one up for $150 after tax after CYBER15 code and $5 off $50. Not available online, but you can do store pickup if a local store carries them.

We can only hope that the newly open Nest API will allow integration in the coming future…

I bought 10 of the Color 1000 bulbs and shipping was free… I went back and see that 7 or more of the Color 1000 bulbs gives you free shipping and 11 or more of the original color bulb is free shipping. Still if you buy more than 2 of the original and any number of the the color 1000, it is better than amazon (even adding cost of shipping… plus no taxes).


Damn, I need the battery powered one or to get a cheap electrician… The battery powered one only has local pickup… no shipping options :anguished:

This thread is bad for my wallet, hence to my health. It should be brought down. Flagging it now (sarcasm).


Probably I am the only one who didn’t get anything this year! :frowning:

I wasn’t going to either… until I caved on the Echo sale. Darn you, Amazon!


I could resist it on Amazon, since I debated too long to use the ECHODEAL and get it for same $99 I paid for the other 2. Then I had that damn 20% off HD coupon, so don’t tell the wife but 3rd Echo will be here Friday for $119


Hi… where do you get your 20% off Home Depot coupon? Thank you.

It was in my HD prorewards this week.

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So yeah, I’ve got an echo that’s still in the box (#3), for minimotes on the way, a fire tv stick with voice on the way, and about 20 switches to install… Along with some led light strips to build for the stairs and to finish the under cabinet project…

no fair! :stuck_out_tongue: And here’s where I type copious amounts of characters to meet the post length requirements.