Aeon Labs DSA03202 won't charge

I ordered 3 of them and 1 is acting up. Can’t find anything in their support docs so wondering if anyone here has a suggestion. I plugged it in to charge via a phone brick, not a computer, and it charged till blue light came on in a few hours. Not sure how long it took but that is as long as I was away. Then this morning my daughter clicked it once and it worked then died. Charged again till turned blue, within minutes, and the same thing happened again. I then noticed it was rapidly flashing blue/red (at charge light, not indicator lights) when I tried again. Seem to me its likely DOA but wanted to see if someone else has had this issue and had a solution.

Did you install the button controller? If not install it and configure it. I found this one even better.

I used Smart Lighting on all 3. 2 work great. 1 works once then lights blink and won’t light up any more.

Good news is told the seller (Beach Camera) and they immediately sent me another. Bad news is a second one is having issues, only lasted 2 days for a total of about 10 clicks.