Aeon Minimote Buttons to Control Hue Colors/Brightness?

I have a ST hub, a Hue hub, and an Aeon Labs Minimote. Everything is connected and talking. I can’t figure out how to do a very simple thing. I want each button on the minimote to trigger a different lighting scene.
For example:

Button 1 Short Press: Light on, white, 100% brightness
Button 1 Long Press: Light on, white, 30% brightness
Button 2 Short Press: Light on, green, 100% brightness
Button 2 Long Press: Light on, green, 30% brightness
Button 3 Short Press: Light on, red, 100% brightness
Button 3 Long Press: Light on, red, 30% brightness
Button 4 Short Press: Light on, blue, 100% brightness
Button 4 Long Press: Light on, blue, 30% brightness

What is the simplest, most out-of-the-box, built-in way to do this?

Define a “Hello Home Action” for each of the settings you list. Apparently, Hello Home Actions do not currently support color, though check with to be sure.

The existing Button Controller SmartApp can link each button to a Hello Home Phrase.

At least that’s what I think is the most direct, given the official SmartApp, etc.

Color Scenes are not in any published SmartApps that I am aware of, though I’ve been considering writing and offering an updated version of the Button Controller SmartApp to SmartThings.

You can install Scene Machine or other Community SmartApps, but that doesn’t meet your “simplest, most out-of-the-box, built-in way to do this” requirement.

Let me know if you’d like a Skype demo on how to install a special SmartApp using the IDE.

In case you are wondering …

Why is there no “simple out-of-the-box way”?

  1. SmartThings doesn’t come with any concept of “Scenes”. Hello Home Actions are like macros that can set various devices, lights, etc., on or off, and dim level, mode, temperature; but they have limitations.

  2. Philips Hue is currently designated as a “SmartThings Labs release”; which means that they are not officially supported. This translates into a lot of things, but could reasonably explain why Hello Home Actions currently do not feature light color as an option.

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Wow, thanks so much for a very helpful post! I don’t have time to play with this stuff right now, but I hope to this weekend. It’s a real bummer that with all these ‘smart’ devices I can’t do something so basic. Chalk it up to the perils of being an early adopter!

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I do it a little different and it is a bit cumbersome, but it can be done. Basically I create virtual switches related to colors and then use the hue mood lighting smart app. I will post more detail when I get back home after my travels.

so for example:

virtual switch 1, lets call it hue white
virtual switch 2, lets call it hue green/red.
virtual switch 3, lets call it hue blue/yellow.
… you can do upwards of 4 of these or 8 if you wish to use the hold feature on the remote.

so assign aeon button one to turn virtual switch 1 on/off AND the hue bulbs themselves on/off.
assign aeon button two turn turn virtual switch 2 on/off
assign aeon button three to turn virtual switch 3 on/off… etc… etc…

the install multiple instances on hue mood app (example)
when virtual switch 1 turns on assign hue color white don’t set brightness if you are using this to also turn hue off
when virtual switch two turns ON assign hue to set color to green brightness 100% or whatever.
when virtual switch two turns OFF assign hue to set color to red brightness 100%
when virtual switch three turns ON assign hue to set color to blue brightness 100%
when virtual switch three turns OFF assign hue to set color to yellow brightness 100%

you can also set when push or hold button 4 or hold and other button to dime to 30%.

after all this…

when you push button 1 hue turns on/off at white color
pushing button two alternates the color between green and red
pushing button three alternates between blue and yellow
pushing button 4 (or whatever you assigned to) dims to 30%
switching to another color will brighten back to 100% and you can re dim afterwards.
pushing button 1 turns off the lamp (alternatively you can assign all buttons to color and set pushing button 4 lets say to turn of when held or dim when pushed making button one also alternate between two colors. its all up to you)

you can assign more for example holding button 2 alternates between pink and purple etc.

I know this is a cumbersome way but it works.

I am in the process of writing a dedicated app for this that will make it much easier, however there are still some bugs and expect it to take another two weeks or more.



Very very nice.

But, I have a problem, maybe you to help me with
I don’t have Aeon minimote yet, so i want to create simulated minimote, and do what you just tell.
But, I can’t setup my simulated minimote.

Let these picture explain

After selecting the Button, I tap next, and then this message shows up

My simulated minimote is already shows up on “things” menu, but I can’t install SmartApp

I don’t think that the simulation configuration for the Minimote Device Type is correct. I have not been able to get it to work in the past and it was easier just to use the real device.

I chose device type from drop down menu
there is type simulated minimote
Where is the configuration ?

Simulated switch is working fine on me
But simulated button and minimote didn’t

I use “Button COntroller” SmartApp to setup the simulated minimote, is there any other smartapp for minimote ?

There is code inside the SmartDevice Type Handler which is needed for the Simulation to work properly.

Often times that part of the Device Handler is poorly written and, for many Devices and Apps, the Simulator is just not an accurate simulation, IMHO.

Much more reliable to attach a real physical device for testing. Sorry.

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Now I can install smartapp via
may be the error is on Android app

but, I found another problem
I set button 1 on minimote to toggle bulb 1 & 2
When the bulb is off I push button 1
the bulb is on but immediately goes off again. Why is that ?

How this Smartapp work in real minimote ?

[quote=“nico89s, post:9, topic:11842”]6
When the bulb is off I push button 1the bulb is on but immediately goes off again.

That is a bug started tonight that we are all experiencing. Not sure who changed code or platform.

Color Scenes are not in any published SmartApps that I am aware of,
though I’ve been considering writing and offering an updated version of
the Button Controller SmartApp to SmartThings.

Did you by chance ever write this SmartApp?

I know that this is an old thread, but I have created a SmartApp to accomplish what the OP is requesting.