[OBSOLETE] Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller

Yes it’s me again. The Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller is on it’s way to my house.

I am excited to get another great new device from Aeon Labs and get to coding the new device type for it! This thread will start the fun.

Not sure when this device will be available on the US market, but when it is, SmartThings will be ready for it!

the eagle had landed

Pictures? Curious to see what it looks like cause the website doesn’t show it.

EDIT: Found it…got to love Google.

is there a way to disable the stupid delay and light flashing that others have…

Is it officially supported by SmartThings?

no. none of my device types are. who knows maybe one day.

I wasn’t aware anybody had aeon garage door code already… link?

Hey folks. Here is the initial type. It’s got a lot of code from the SmartThings Zwave garage door in it around the open and closed / closing and opening states, etc, but I’ve added relevant configuration items to it. Bear with me while I make it feature rich, but this should get you squared away for now.

To answer @Lgkahn about the flashing etc… It scared the crap out of me sitting in my lap the first time I tested it. Holy hell this thing is LOUD! And blinding! But you want it to be above the noise of the garage door. To answer your question, YES, you can turn off the alerts. Go into my code (I will add a switch for this) into the configuration section where it says set blink, alert, volume, and change the last parameter to a 0 instead of a 1 for any ones you want to disable. Similar to the “unknown” status line items that’s in there… If you don’t feel like modding it, that’s cool, I’ll have v0.2 up soon with thee additions.


edit —
link: https://github.com/robertvandervoort/SmartThings/tree/master/Aeon%20Garage%20Door

@Robert_Vandervoort Have you heard when this will become available in the US?

I ordered two from zwaveproducts.com, I got one a few days ago and the other should ship this week. I have it installed and functional although I wouldn’t say I am done with it just yet. I registered as a secure zwave switch. I took that code and copy/pasted the configuration values from @Robert_Vandervoort’s device handler and it is working great with status of the door, sending alerts, etc. I did change the alerts around from what RV had in there. I did add sensor pairing and calibration functionality, but took it back out when I realized it wasn’t needed. I will make some more refinements when I have more time and the second one is installed or if RV publishes a later version, I may just use that :smile:

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Great question. They never tell me they just send me stuf lol! I shall inquire. You can sign up on their website and get updated too.

Now available in US: What is the hold up?

On improvements? It works. I rarely use it except for when I’m mowing the lawn because I don’t trust my neighbors. Ha. It’s motivation / free time issues. What would you like added to it? One thing I HAVE been wanting to do is a “lock” so you can’t accidentally open the garage door. I will likely implement it like a virtual switch so you can have it set to lock and unlock on a timer just like controlling a light. Using either phrases or smart apps.

Now 11/11/2016 and still not available in the US. Anyone know when this will become available or what’s the hold up??

Hey @Robert_Vandervoort! I’ve been enjoying your device handler for months now with great success. Suddenly my door reports “Unknown” state of the garage door. I’m reading something about config parameter 34, that should calibrate the sensor. You have any good tips for me to get this working again? I already factory reset it and included it back again.

I had that happen recently is the battery in the door position sensor
still good? I think unlkniwn generally comes up because the door actuated
without report from the door sensor. I’d try pulling the battery and
checking it and putting it back in then operatebthe door via the controller
a couple times and see if it clears first.

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Thanks man! I went out and bought a new battery, replaced it and now it’s back on track. Kinda embarrassed about not checking that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hehe, no worries dude! Glad it’s all good. Happy holidays!

Is this still functional for everyone? I just got mine and it gets recognized as a “secure switch”, when I change the device type the status shows as unknown and only the ‘open’ button works. the logs seems to show cmd 9881, which I don’t see in the code anywhere. Upon googling I have seen reference to the zwave library changing and causing similar problem with secure devices. Before I dig too deep, just wondering if anyone has seen anything else or if there is a known fix.