[OBSOLETE] Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller

I used mine yesterday…

I’m not on the v2 hub though. Obnoxious if that makes a difference though.

Thanks… I’ll see what I can figure out. If nothing else, hopefully I should learn a little bit about how zwave actually works.

Has anyone got the this to work on Hub V2?
Having a hell of a time trying to get it to work. Tried the device handler code but will not refresh from unknown at all for the status.

Thanks for any info

Happy to know I’m not the only one… This is anything but a strong skill of mine, but I’m poking around now to see if I can figure anything out. I’m having trouble getting any good log information though to get started.

Same here… Figured someone would have figured this out by now. I am not the one to be able to do it lol

From what I can tell, its not pairing as the led is flashing on the unit which tells me the zwave network does not have it connected.

It is connected to my zwave network for sure… I can activate the switch from the app, I just can’t do anything else.

Well then you’re farther along than I am because mine will not join the network.
As of right now all it does for me is scare my dog when I press the button.

Haha… And I’m scaring my family by activating it to try and get some logging. I have factory reset mine a couple of times and I’ve found that when it’s stuck flashing, a power cycle and device exclusion has worked. As I said, mine does join the network, it just gets recognized as a “secure switch”. I’m reading up to see if I can make some sense of the code as it exists. I’m starting from the ground floor though.

Mine wasn’t being seen as anything so I used the code posted earlier in this post but that seems to be a no-go for me. I’ll try and screw around with it for a while as I have time. let me know if you come up with anything and I will do the same.

@Robert_Vandervoort - I’m seeing a bunch of logs in the device “recently” tab of the app that look like this:

zw device: 5D, command: 9881, payload: 00 25 03 FD

5D is my deviceid and I don’t see code in the device handler that would account for that, so I’m assuming this is from either smartthings or the device itself. Any chance you’d mind helping me understand where that is coming from and what it means?

I finally got mine paired but as you stated its a Smart Switch… going to look into this some more and let you know what I find… not sure of any of the code as yet.

ok so 98xx is secure something or another… the way this works…

you pair it… ignore whatever smart things thinks it is…

go to your devices in the smart things website…

open up the thing it created when you added the garage door opener…

edit it and change the device type to mine… assuming you did add a new device handler, from code, and saved mine…

Then everything should be ok.


I did that but I still get "unknown: and the “open” is the only trigger that works.

Sadly, no. Those were my exact steps. Current state with your device handler is pressing ‘open’ activates the strobe and alarm and finally the switch, but door sensor and status don’t update and configure does nothing.

I have enabled debugging, but the only feedback I’m able to get is an occasional association report and the logs I sent in my previous post.

I had assumed 98 meant security, but haven’t yet found documentation for that that would help figure out the rest, including payload.

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weird. i wonder, maybe it is a newer firmware. The one I coded for was a
pre-release engineering sample. Also on hub v1.


I need a hub v2. Also we should check firmware version of your garage door

Load up the zwave tweaker device type and grab the infoz from it…

also in case you don’t have it…

garage door opener docs here…


engineering spec…


Awesome, thanks. I’ll post what I get back.

oilerfan21 I am out of my league on this one… too new to this. Hopefully you know what RV is talking about with the Zwave Tweaker. Thank you RV for the help with this.


installing wave tweaker now, but since I came across this, I figured I’d post it.

Device Raw Description is:
zw:Ls type:4007 mfr:0086 prod:0103 model:003E ver:1.12 zwv:3.99 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,98 ccOut:22,5A,82 sec:25,70,85,59,7A,66,71,73 role:05 ff:9E00 ui:9E00