NYCE sensors

I’ve noticed within the last couple months they have updated their website on what product works with certain hubs.

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I’m still new to ST and slowly leaning and adding different things to my setup.

I just tried the NYCE door hing sensor from Lowes the other day. I found on their website under Support that they list a “HA Install Guide - SmartThings Driver”, that is a zip file that include a GROOVY File dated 3/8/2016, and a Disclaimer.

Disclaimer states…( This Device Handler code is only tested by NYCe Sensors Inc. internally.
It is not certified by Samsung SmartThings. User has to take full responsibility for any device malfunction.)

Only after adding the GROOVY file was able to see the door hing and see the battery level in ST. But I was never really able to read the sensor as truly showing Open or Closed. Even after holding the contact down (closed) it kept showing as if it was still open.

Also after a while the door hing sensor kept flashing amber-red-amber, which means Searching For Network. I had the sensor two feet away from the ST hub all the time I was trying to join the two together.

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@Tyler are the nyce motion sensors fully supported yet? I picked up one of the ceiling motion sensors on Amazon recently, and installed with the device handler that’s available on nyce’s website. No temp or humidity information is available.

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@David65, I saw that same file but didn’t use it since the other one already in the ST repo seems to work with a slight modification and I had done that before finding that file. I plan to have my copy posted later today if you want to try it out, just watch the thread I linked above as that is where I plan to post it. I plan to submit my change ST so that they can publish it but from what I understand that is a long process and NYCE is likely already working with ST to add this anyway.

One thing I noticed is that the new file they published has all fingerprints for other NYCE sensors removed and only this hinge fingerprint added, I initially did the same thing but am testing today to ensure that it works with the rest of the fingerprints as well. I suspect the fact that they are missing the profileId and deviceId in their fingerprint is likely causing them issues when putting all the fingerprints in a single file since there are now identical and it is hard for the hub to recognize the device. It may end up that we just have to have a separate device handler altogether for this device in which case I will just post mine so others can use it.


This ever go anywhere? The Nyce tilt sensor mentions playing a chime. I’m really looking for something to do just that for WAF. The traditional alarm makes a nice chime when arming. Since we arm SHM with buttons (not the app), we really need some audible confirmation. A chime would be great.

The open close door hinges would be great too, rather than bulky traditional sensors.

Well for the open/close door hinge you can use the custom device handler if it has not been added to the stock device type yet. Based on the response from @slagle it should have been included in the stock device type by now but I already have my custom device type added and have not attempted to remove and re-pair it with my custom one removed. Below is a link to the thread where I posted the temporary custom device type for the hinge.

I think the tilt sensor has always worked but do not have one so cannot confirm that, I am pretty sure you would have to install some smart app (or create one) to get the chime functionality.

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I’ve called them and they said they would have someone call me about ordering the tilt switch. That was back in February and still no call!!

so did anyone get it to work with the lowes version? i picked up one they are on sale for $14 is not the “HA” version…

just wonder if anything custom was made?

I have two of these sitting in my desk. Would love to use on my attic and mailbox doors. Anyone gotten them to work yet??

I picked up a ceiling one, arriving today. Are these actually working with ST? I checked their website and ST is first listed as compatible.

@Tyler ?

I have one that works for motion with the device handler on NYCE’s website. About a year ago I asked @Tyler when they would be fully supported (should include temperature I think). Supposedly the work was “close to being completed.”

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PR released on July 22 2015

“NYCE Sensors Inc. (“NYCE”), a leading provider of wireless ZigBee sensors and end-points for Commercial and Retail Automation (IoT) markets, announced today that its sensor products have been officially listed by SmartThings as Compatible Products on the SmartThings website. NYCE has updated its Amazon product listings to include SmartThings as a verified compatible ecosystem. This will allow members of SmartThings’ Consumer Community to directly purchase NYCE’s wireless sensors for their Smart Home networks.”

@slagle , @Tyler have these sensors been pulled out for potential issues/incompatibility?

I have 7 NYCE hinges and a tilt sensor bought from Lowes 2 months ago. I used them before reading here that they shouldn’t work… but they do so…


It’s not that they’ve been pulled, it’s that NYCE makes several variants of their sensors that all look the exact same and have the same model number. For example, their C4 version won’t work with SmartThings, but they market it with the same model number as the one that’s supported. Same for their IRIS proprietary versions.

The ones that we tested will work great on SmartThings. You should be able to order from Amazon with some degree of confidence.

The trick is getting customers to not buy the seemingly 50 other models that won’t work with us. :cry:


Awesome, thanks for your quick response. I noticed the big bolded letters on Amazon saying that is not the C4 model, hopefully I got the right thing. :smile:

They were happy to be listed as official partner of ST. Maybe @alex can twist their arms to make ST branded sensors. They seem to be the only ones that have zigbee ceiling sensor and the door hinge sensor is a nice idea too.

So if mine never reported temperature I bought the wrong version? It’s not that hard. Or did I get a bad sensor?

Let’s do a trade. I got mine to report temperature and humidity but cannot get the motion to report. Tried NYCE’s handler, ST motion/temp handler, did the join couple of times, contacted ST support. And nothing. Still waiting for NYCE support…

UPDATE: after both ST support and NYCE support failed to fix the motion sensor, I have decided to remove the custom handler provided by NYCE and ran discovery without it. To my surprise, the hub recognized the sensor as NYCE motion (thanks to the template loaded on SmartThings public github). The motion sensor works perfectly, however neither the temperature nor the humidity are displayed. Not a big deal, since I bought this for motion only. Nice sensor, very responsive, small form, super easy to join (if you don’t try to use the NYCE handler)

Yeah, I don’t really need the temp sensor either, so it’s not worth it to me to spend much time trying to get it to work. That being said, I don’t particularly appreciate hearing from ST staff that the most likely problem is I’m too dumb to understand which version of the NYCE sensor I bought. Since, you know, ST is always working perfectly in every way at all times.