Nyce Door sensors $25 at Lowes


That’s a really good deal, would hate to redrill the holes on the door but definitely a lot better looking than the contact sensors.

Just an FYI, I’ve had some issues with these. After awhile the metal piece that determines whether the door is open or closed needs to be bent back into shape.


Be careful to get the right size for your door. Or, grab the monoprice,com recessed sensors $20-$25. I’ve had a cpl for a few months with zero issues.

For some reason they don’t sell the brass ones at Lowes or I would have purchased 4…

yep the most common hinge color. Someone missed the buss on that one

I also used these for a couple weeks. The little metal piece the detects if the door is open or closed is very cheap and bends. Not worth the money. I highly recommend the monoprice recessed. I have had no issues and you can’t beat the price.

I would tend to agree with this. I have them installed on 3 of my doors and have had a lot of false positives because that metal piece bends and eventually loses contact with the door. Every once in awhile I have to bend the metal piece back in place. What is really annoying is one of the doors now doesn’t alight great with my holes and drags on the kitchen tiles a little. Fortunately, it’s the door we don’t use that much.

Even with the bad reviews the price was too good to pass up especially with $15 off of $50 when you buy two.

I don’t even have any doors that aren’t already smart. :confused:

Maybe I will make the toy chest smart?