NYCE Control Indoor Door and Window Sensor $14.00

what store ??

When you click the link it doesn’t show the store?

no, just the item, it is the reg $35 at my local stores

Summerlin Lowe’s
7550 West Washington
Las Vegas, NV

No only my local store at full price. Zip code please

Zip code 89128

Not avail for shipping. :frowning:

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yup, says shipping available, then at check out it says no shipping available :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Be aware that that particular model might not work with SmartThings. There are two versions sold at Lowe’s, and one uses the wrong protocol.

There is an identical looking model but it has – HA on the end of the model number. That one uses the same protocol that SmartThings does (ZHA), and it will work with SmartThings. (you Used to only be able to get those Amazon, but @Richy Notes below that he has been able to get some of the -HA ones at Lowe’s. )

So these may be cheap, but if you get the wrong model you won’t be able to use them unless you have the
Iris Hub.

Here is the one that works with SmartThings. (And yes, it looks identical on the outside, but it does have a slightly different model number.)

i’ve edited this post to reflect @Richy 's information below.


The ones in the white box from lowes do work. I picked up some on my last trip to usa for $4 each. The box and Lowes model number are missing the “ha” at the end. On the actual sensor it’s 3014-ha.

These are great sensors for modifying too. You can unsolder the tilt sensor and easily solder a magnetic reed switch and make you own contact sensor.

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Fyi I see them at 02026 for 2.10 but staying away from them because as best I can tell they are not the HA variant.

Just picked these up at lowes. Looks to me that they are the right ones. This is the 4th one I bought from lowes so as far as Amazon only having them is wrong and yes they work on my smartthings.

The ones that are on sale are the ones that work so if you live in Vegas or you know someone in Vegas then maybe they can buy them for you and send them to you.

Interesting. Lowes must’ve started selling the -HA models as well. It’ll be easy to tell if they work, since they’ll still have the -HA in the model number on the actual device, and you can always return them if they’re the other ones. :sunglasses:


You can tell from the packaging and the device itself. The blister packs are the old Iris only model and the boxes are the -HA ones.The -HA device also has the 3 slits and the Iris model does not. Lowe’s never changed their item number, though. So you can’t tell unless you see them in person.

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So after seeing maybe they are the right ones I went back to buy a couple since shipping was an option so figured what the heck. 4.20 in merchandise and 65 in shipping lol. Never mind.

[quote=“farlicimo, post:16, topic:59715”]
4.20 in merchandise and 65 in shipping lol. Never mind
[/quote]I suspect you selected “delivery” and not “shipping” (it can say “Shipping and Delivery” or just “Delivery”).

You’re right. The option was truck delivery. I assumed that was like UPS or USPS but when I checked again the other option was parcel shipping which is unavailable.

So the Oklahoma City Lowes has 17 of these in stock. I ordered 10 and there ready for pickup. I just called the store and made up a story that I was planning a trip through but my plans fell apart and I need them to ship them to me (Im in Canada, have a box in Niagara Falls NY). The store said they don’t ship any orders from there store. Anybody live close by and want to help me out?

Besides garage doors what are other use cases for this tilt sensor?

If I get the GoControl garage door opener, it comes with a tilt sensor and we don’t need this, right?