What is the maximum amount of hubs in a home?

Does anyone know how many hubs i can have under 1 account?
So i know u can have 2 or 3 hubs linked to same account but wanted to know if there is a concrete limit on this? say like 10 or 100 or unlimited ?
for a friend of mine we are going to automate the hallway lights in his 8 story building and i was thinking of putting 1 hub per floor to make sure we dont get any connection issues between the different floors so i wanted to see if its possible to have 8 or more hubs linked under 1 account?

We were just discussing this last week. It depends on the model hub and the version of the app you are using. See the following thread:

thanks for the link JDRoberts. I read the post and am i understanding this correctly? If i want to have more then 1 hub in 1 physical location i need to buy the hub v3 and use the new smartthings app?


As I said in my previous post, as long as you are using the new app, you can have more than one hub and see their devices listed by selecting a chub individually even if some of them are older hub models. But each hub can only control the devices that were paired to it.