Does Samsung Q90R TV have a hub built in?

Hi everyone, apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything.
I have a Samsung Q90R 65 TV which is supposed to have SmartThings built in. I have also been led to believe that since 2019 Samsung TV’s have a built in hub, so I do not need to purchase an additional hub.
Firstly, is that true?

I have started down the SmartThings journey and installed Alexa and the SmartThings apps, linked the two and now I can use Alexa to control the TV… hooray!

Went the next step and purchased a couple of light switches.
Installed one, then went to the SmartThings site, and added the device handler as instructed… so far so good. Even added a SmartApp… feeling pretty clever now.

Connected the light switch (3A Nue ZigBee 3.0 Smart 1 Gang Light Switch) and it works fine manually. LED is blinking so looking to pair… good.

Open SmartThings app, click on add device, scan nearby… nothing. Keep trying … nothing.
I figure I’ve done something wrong, so I go back to the SmartThings site, click on My Locations, click on “Home” and it shows I have no hubs… wait, what??

I click on “My Hubs” at the top of the website and it says “You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub”.

So my question… How do I “claim” my hub?

If my original question (does the TV come with a built in hub), is no, I guess that’s my problem, but I thought the new TV’s had hubs built in.

Thanks for any guidance.


I will defer to more knowledgeable people here but looking at the manual for that TV, it seems like Samsung call their home screen “Smart Hub”. See page 8

Also, just browsing through the app there, I dont see any QN model series sets listed at all. I wonder if that model is even ST compatible…

Hi Pogga, thanks for your reply.
Their home screen is called smart hub, but I don’t think I’ve got the two confused. … I hope.
The model is Q90R, not QN…
It definitely is ST compatible as I can control the TV through the SmartThings app on my mobile and through Alexa.
Also I refer to this article that says newer Samsung smart TVs have a hub built in.

I can vouch that despite the media hype, that never actually happened (source - the two 2016 SUHD TVs I own!)

I don’t think that an ST hub has ever been included in a TV.

The device code I was referring to was QN65Q90RAFXZA taken from

A built-in hub is a great idea! Such a shame this didnt happen. Seems like a really easy way to expand the ST footprint and grow the overall ST ecosystem.

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Thanks guys.
I kinda thought that might be the case.
Bummer that the tv doesn’t have a built in hub but at least I didn’t do anything wrong. The setup is just not complete.
How am I able control the tv through the SmartThings app and Alexa without a hub though?
Guess I need to buy a hub then. Any recommendations? Or just get the SmartThings hub v3?

Thanks again.

I suppose this is why I thought it had a ST hub built in… taken from the Samsung AU website details for my model TV.

Puts you in control


A truly intelligent home, tailored to your life. With Samsung SmartThings built in, QLED can connect you with your smart devices and sensors. You can turn on the lights, check what’s in the fridge, and even control the robot vacuum cleaner.

I’m having serious FOMO at the idea of the tv having a hub built in … sounds like you need to buy a hub alright though.

That’s interesting. I don’t pretend to be bang up to date on these things so I could be wrong… but I think that’s just an ST Interface on the TV. You’d need a hub to connect the TV to, and you’d be able to do ST stuff through the TV.

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It has the TV version of the SmartThings app built in, not a zigbee hub. Just like they show you Netflix on the screen, but that doesn’t mean they’re giving you a subscription. :wink:

You don’t need a hub to use smartthings with the robot vacuum, the refrigerator, or some smartlights including the Phillips hue bridge.

Although most people looking at smartthings Would probably assume the “sensors“ would apply to the smartthings-branded sensors, there are some sensors that can be used without a hub. But zigbee or Z wave devices would require a separate hub.

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ :thinking:

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Thanks everyone for your replies.
I guess I misread it and being able to control the tv from the SmartThings app and Alexa made me think there was indeed a hub there somewhere.
I agree there is a real missed opportunity here given that in 2016 they were going to do it.
Nevertheless, I’ve ordered a hub. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks again.

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Thought I’d close the loop on this one… received the ST hub and set it up. Now everything works a treat.
Just gotta figure out how to squeeze the hub into the back of the TV just to prove I was right all along :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone’s input.