Now you can Quick Browse the Community-Created Device Types Section 😎 💡

We’ve added a page to the community created wiki with links back into this section of the forum (community-created device types) for the most popular tags like alerts, cameras, HVAC, lighting, security, etc. so now you can get a list of just the DTHs for the device class you’re interested in. Makes everything much easier to find. There’s one wiki page with quick browse links for both smartapps and DTHs (Device Type Handlers).


How are device manager SmartApps treated since they’re both a SmartApp and a DTH?

Two tags, one for each, eg dth_lighting and smartapp_lighting. :sunglasses:

Remember all the tag does is cause the topic to show up on the list for that tag. Lots of devices and smartapps have multiple tags,

As far as which forum category it goes in, that’s up to the author. If people are most likely to think of the physical device and the smart app is just what I needed to make the device handler work, it will probably be under device types. If the smart app has conditionals or schedulers or those kinds of features, it might go under smart apps. But again, I think the author would be the best judge.

Ok, so for my D-Link Camera manager I should add the DTH tag as well then (I noticed you had already added the SmartApp tag :slight_smile: )

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Definitely code authors should feel free to add, change, or delete tags as they feel appropriate. I did a first pass so that the lists would be meaningful, but if there’s a categorization you like better, go for it. :sunglasses:

I intentionally put the quick browse lists into the wiki instead of a forum post so that people can add new tags and new lists as needed.

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Got it. Thanks for the hard work! Anything to make this forum easier to browse is awesome :slight_smile:

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Also, I intentionally did not tag deprecated DTHs. The thread is still here in this part of the forum, but they won’t show up on the quick browse lists. Again, if the author wants them to show up on those lists, just add the appropriate tag.


none of my smart apps appear

also none of my devices types and i have written at least 10…

if you are going to advertise this make sure it is accurate… or remove it.

Any author can add any tag they want to their own thread, so just add the tags for the list you want to appear on. :sunglasses:

Also, if your threads are not in the two “community created” sections of the forum, one for smart apps and one for device types, then they weren’t included.

This project, as has been mentioned, is just to make those two areas easier to search.

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Should there be two “t’s” in the word “Communutty” in the title? :wink:

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I hit the edit limit again. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

I see several of them listed. For example, here are two.

Again, though, if you have threads in one of the two “community – created” forum sections that are not on the list that you think they should appear, just add the tags you want. :sunglasses:

There are many reasons why an individual one might not appear yet:

One) I might have just missed it. Or not gotten to it.

  1. I might’ve misspelled something in the wiki listing. It’s a wiki. Fix it if it’s wrong.

Three) the author might’ve already had five meaningful tags and I didn’t want to take away anything the author had put there.

  1. I might’ve misunderstood what the device type or smart app was for.

This is just a first pass effort at something to make these two specific sections of the forum a little easier to use. Certainly not perfect, and if you have a better idea, implement it. :sunglasses:

And again. Very well done!


I just checked, and I didn’t see you listed as the author on any threads in the “community-created SmartApps” section of the forums, which is what these quick browse lists are for. If I missed some, I apologize – – just add the tags that apply and they’ll appear on the quick browse lists.

You did have author threads for several device type handlers in the “community-created” device type section, and those did correctly appear on the DTH quick browse lists.

If you have code in other parts of the forum that you would like to share, just start an author thread in the appropriate “community_created” forum section and tag it however you like and it will then automatically show up on the lists. Ultimately it’s the code author who will know best which lists apply.

Garden hue, virtual garage door and roof coil controller are all smart apps I have created and published. The latest modifications to smart alarm as well.

Do they have threads in the Community-Created Smartapps section of this forum? Those are the threads that appear on these lists. I see the smart alarm one, and it appears that it has been on the list from the very beginning, so I’m not sure why you didn’t see it before.

It looks like you may have been posting some of your other code in other sections of the forum, in particular in the section which is supposed to be for officially published smart apps. I didn’t tag any of those in the first pass-- as I’ve said from the beginning, this project was only intended to make it easier to search two specific sections of the forum: The one titled “community-created SmartApps” and the one titled “community-created device types.”

If you want your other code included on the lists, move the threads to one of those two forum sections as appropriate and give each thread the appropriate tag, and it will automatically appear on the list. :sunglasses:

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Thanks @JDRoberts that’s made finding things a whole lot easier. I appreciate the work you’ve put in on this one.

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