Now you can quick browse the Community-created SmartApps section! 😎


We’ve added a page to the community created wiki with links back into this section of the forum (community-created smart apps) for the most popular tags like alerts, lighting, security, etc. so now you can get a list of just the smart apps for the solutions you’re interested in.

There’s some really cool stuff that I had completely forgotten about! Makes smartapps much easier to find.

(Kevin) #2

Thank you for setting this up, it makes finding SmartApps a lot easier.

At some point, do you plan on setting up the same thing for device handlers?


Somebody can… :wink:

I did tag a few of the threads in the smart app section with dth_lighting or whatever where the author had included the device handler in with the smart app.

(Kevin) #4

The Aeon Doorbell is an Alarm, Doorbell, Tone Generator, and Music Player so what dth_ tags do you recommend for something like that?

And what about devices that are multiple sensors like temp and motion or contact, temp and acceleration?

I noticed that there’s a tag called “smartapp”, do you think that should be added to the wiki page so that users can view all the SmartApps?


The older short “smartapp” won’t pull up all the smartapps that I just tagged with the longer tags. We Used to use that one before the forum had a separate smart app section. Now it’s not really needed, since you should get the same result by just going to that forum section. :sunglasses:


Regarding dth_ , there are a lot of different ways you can do that.

You’re limited to five tags per thread title. So that’s really the only limit. Obviously that’s a problem for a six feature Multisensor. :wink: :bulb::level_slider::cloud_with_rain::arrows_counterclockwise::fire:

(Kevin) #7

About 1/3 of the topics returned in that forum section are questions so the actual SmartApps are hard to find.

It looks like a lot of the questions in that section use the “smartapp” tag so you’re right that there’s no benefit to adding it to the wiki.


I just don’t want to see the perfect become the enemy of the good here. Somebody who wants to look at every smart app there is Could undoubtedly come up with better alternatives. But I think most of the time people are looking for a solution to a particular problem. And being able to do the quick browse should handle that pretty well. :sunglasses:

(Dale C) #9

S-Cubed… The future SmartThings SmartApp Store!? :grin:

I didn’t realize those tags existed and how they worked. I love what you did @JDRoberts Thanks!

(Tim Slagle) #10

Nicely done @JDRoberts!

(Kevin) #11

It looks like you’ve started doing this for the device handlers too so thank you.