Yes, tagging. 😎


If you get notifications about edits to one of your topics today and you can’t figure out what changed, I’m just adding some tags.

If became impossible to find all the lighting SmartApps.

If you don’t like the tags, change it. :sunglasses:

But first try clicking on “smartapp_lighting” and see if that isn’t a more manageable list if you were looking for a lighting solution!



I maxed out my edit quota for today so it looks like this will take a few days to complete.

Meanwhile, check out smartapp_alerts for some cool stuff I had forgotten even existed. :sunglasses:


I’m using the following tags so far:

Smartapp_hvac. (Includes fans)

(Bobby) #4

Nice work. Thank you for all your efforts, maestro!


Oh, and of course a smartapp can be listed in multiple categories if appropriate.

(Ray) #6

Very nice and useful. Awesome work JD.


I’ll put a page in the wiki with a link for each tag once I’m done. Should make browsing a lot easier. :sunglasses:

And here it is:


OK, it’s been a year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is anybody besides me using the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki? I see most people just posting direct references to an author’s thread, not to the wiki, so I’m not sure if the lists are useful, or just one of those good ideas that works better in theory than in practice.

(John C) #9

Yes, @JDRoberts, I find them helpful – depending on the search…


Right. I understand that sometimes there’s just one thread you want to direct someone to, whether that’s a smart app or a device type handler. Or even a project report. :sunglasses:

I most often direct people to the wiki when the person is new and I figure that they’re going to have additional searches in the future so knowing where the quick browse lists are will not just answer the current question but set them up to answer future questions for themselves as well.

But I do use the lists myself pretty often when I remember that a thread exists but I don’t think the regular forum search will be efficient. I just know my own memory is weird so I don’t know if the quick browse lists are useful in that way for other people as well. :sunglasses: