Notify when home or a plug loses power

I would like to monitor for power loss. I guess I really want to be able to monitor both a particular outlet and also main house power, although monitoring a plug is probably my first priority. I have figured out (or think I have) a way to keep the smartthings hub connected to the internet through a power outage using Freedom Pop, so I do understand that issue. I know there’s the Aeon Labs power monitor, but that by itself doesn’t really solve my problem. I could monitor power usage on a device that’s on and drawing power all the time but a) I’m not sure the best way to do that b) that seems a bit indirect. Thanks in advance for any help!

There is an app called “Power is Out” that uses a first gen ST motion sensor to determine when the power fails, and to notify you of that event. The motion sensor has to be plugged in of course. It sends a message when it goes to battery power, and another when off battery. I think you can find it in the IDE community apps.

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I think that’s @scottinpollock’s baby. I mean the app.

Actually, the one I use was written by Jesse Ziegler. Not sure about the whole thing, because I did see @scottinpollock’s app also.

Different versions may be. My bad. @scottinpollock made his apps name available.

Mine is called ‘power failure’ and differs from Jesse’s in that it shuts down your smart lamps on power restoration, leaves some lamps on if it is after sunset, and sends a HAM Bridge command.

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Thank you all. Now a “dumb” question- how do you find these smart apps? I confess that, although I made a living doing IT for 36 years (writing code, systems maintenance, help desk, etc.), finding my way around SmartThings and their website has proved quite challenging.

You can find mine at

You can find all the shared smart app code in the IDE. You have to start creating an app and then you have the ability to browse shared smart app code

Here’s one that I use. Not trying to butt in. Just offerin’

Todd, thanks for responding. If I understand this correctly, it requires a motion detector that plugs into house power, so I can’t do this with, e.g., the Smartthings Sensor that is battery only. Or am I missing something? THanks again!

That is correct. You need a device that works on both battery and plugs in so it can sense when it lost power and switches to battery power.

sorry to raise the dead, but V1 motion detectors w/ usb power have gone the way of the dodo and i cannot find a source for purchasing these. anything else out there you all are aware of, or do i need to start searching ebay for this ‘vintage’ item?

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Wouldn’t a siren such as the Aeon Labs or GoControl work just as well?

I put all my network switches hubs, modems and the smartthing hub on apc ups’s
then I use the aeon whole house monitor which plugs in and has battery backup.
I have a rule to notify me when whole house monitor reports < 100 watts usage…

Yeah… that was a really poor decision. Not only was it a clean, simple, solution for reporting power outages, it was also an excellent Zigbee repeater when plugged in.

Would it be possible to use this with the SmartThings hub itself? I mean, it has battery backup…

Don’t think it has any state info you could query.

Just curious, can this be done with a zwave outlet? Can the hub report if the outlet went offline, I would like this for my garage freezer?