Use of outlet plug to monitor mains supply

(Andrew Newton) #1

Does any one know of a way to use an outlet plug to monitor the power and report if power goes out?

Would be a useful function if it could…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2

Question, if the power goes out, how are you going to power the plug to let you know the power is out?

(LJ) #3

Small UPS for the hub. If the plug doesnt answer, power is down. Might use this smartapp. Long shot, it’s only an idea.


(Andrew Newton) #4

Well that was my thought, the use of the non reporting from a device, after all the outlet is the only one powered without a battery and the hub as a battery backup so it was the best I could think of.

I could put a ups on the hub but then I would have to include the internet modem/router and switch etc so unless I go big on ups my run time is probably only going to be 30 mins which seems pointless as I think the hub batteries will last that long.s

(Andrew Newton) #5

Thanks for the smartapp suggestion… very good question how long is considered inactive

well I think its important to understand the reporting cycle of each device… that way you can decide what is too long … for example if the outlet reports once an hour it might not be a good candidate, but if it reports every 10-15 mins then useful as this gives a reasonable time to monitor … surely there is a much simpler way… I noticed in the IDE that the hub description states battery in use =false so surely must go to true if power fails…can this not be used ??/ I’m not a coder so sorry if I presumed too much

Thanks for the help thou


(Mark Whipp) #6

I quite simply do not put batteries in the hub. I get a somewhat timely push message that my hub is not connected when the power goes out. You will notice in the events that the hub pings frequently.

I really don’t see the value of keeping batteries in the hub (limited local processing and no power to the bulbs) without a UPS system for the router, modem, etc. I think it is healthy that the hub reboots when the rest of the system does. I am using a really nice Monster Home Theater power conditioner for spike/brownout protection.

(Dan) #7

If you have a first generation SmartThings motion sensor, it will send an event for power lost / restored. I’m using that with a community developed smartapp to get power failure alerts as well as turn off lights in some cases. It’s been working pretty well when it was last tested.