Monitor AC Power?

I’d like to monitor the power at my house and be notified if it goes out. I have my cable modem, router, and the SmartThings Hub all on a UPS, so the message would still get out even though the power is out. A lot of things go into a weird or bad state when the power goes out including some of the AC powered “things” I have.

Any thoughts on how I might accomplish this? My only thought on this so far is to use a AC-DC relay hooked to a dry contact sensor that would detect when the power was shutoff.

Has anyone else attempted such a thing?

Connect a SmartThings motion sensor to AC power and create an app the triggers an alert when the sensor goes from AC to battery.

I think I wrote one a while back. I’ll look and post back later.


I backed these guys on Kickstarter. They are supposed to support SmartThings as soon as they are delivered. Might be abel to do it with that or maybe look at the Aeon power monitor which people do have working with SmartThings.


I found it :slight_smile:

Anyway, the ST motion can take AC over mini USB or battery. Just plug it in to AC, pair it (if not already) and run this app. Done! :cool:

Let me know if it works for you.

For us who doesnt have UPS one can take an android phone and insert a prepaid card, buy and install Autoremote and Tasker. Hook up to a charger and have Tasker send an SMS and or a push message or email to relevant recievers such as your phone and others who might need it when charger is disconnected ie power is lost. Of course one can send messages once power is backup again.

Since Smartthings is down due to no power one can have the Android phone as a backup (as long as there is battery) for doing basic security montoring which all are activated in Tasker when charging is off. Just download relevant Tasker plugins and use Taskers inbuilt functionality. For example use accelerometer to detect movement/vibration (mount phone to a door), use Autovoice and and Tasker to send notification if there is noise (to save battery this can be activated by other profiles) etc etc.

@twack - very cool, thank you! I happen to have my ST Motion within 10 ft of an AC outlet - perfect! Off to find a spare USB power adapter…

The version 2 Hub has 4 batteries to hold it up during AC power loss - You would think this is the natural place to detect an AC power loss and get an event triggered and sent to the Cloud?