Notify me when Url instead of SMS

So, I posted a similar post in another thread bit did not recieve any response so forgive me for starting a thread.

As a European backer I am yet to receive my kit. But since I guess we are not to many months away, now it is time to look into stuff.

For example, with tellstick (Swedish 433 MHz system) I send / enter a URL (in tellstick cloud service where rules are set) when for example motion is detected. This is the Autoremote app URL which will send a message to a specific device which I then handle in Tasker. Effectively giving me push / Tasker support.

Since there is currently no Tasker support in smartthings I would like to do the same thing with smartthings to give me push support ie having URL instead of SMS in the notify me when app. So, I know it is possible to set push to smartthings app and dynamically a phone number for SMS in the notify me when app. Is there any way of having the possibility to choose a url as well in the notify me when app. Example contact sensor on will trigger a http request and also if wanted a push to the smartthings app? How would I go about to solve this?


You need to write a smart app that listens to events of interest and calls httpPost or httpGet whenever they fire. I have an example app in my projects area which listens to the thermostat and updates external web service. Look for Xively Thermostat Logger.

So there is no way of having your own version of the Notify me when smartapp where one can have http get instead of sending push or sms. Ie when setting up a rule for lets say a motion detector one can input a url instead of phone number in the Notify me when app?

@m203 - that’s absolutely possible - it’s just not part of the default app. Just take the Notify Me When app and add that option. It’s pretty straightforward