No SMS, only push for SHM?

I’ve gone through the setup for Smart Home monitor several times and it only lets me toggle push notifications to on and there apparently is no option to send an SMS (even with push "off). I hope I’m just missing something. I hate to think that my only warning of a break-in will be the same weak chime as any other notification. I’ve searched and have seen questions regarding SMS, but most are pretty old and don’t address the new app

At this point, only SHM in the classic app supports both sms and push. SHM is STSC only does push - again, at this point.


Thanks. I know I have to use the new app now to add devices, but I guess I can have both on my phone. Just starting the switch from Iris

You can add devices in the Classic App. You only need the New App for the initial install.

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