Notify App for Smoke/CO Detectors

I’ve started searching, and found some older topics, but here’s what I’d like to do:

First Alert Zwave smoke detector goes off:
Send SMS to neighbor, and two other numbers.

First Alert Zwave Smoke/CO detector goes off: (Just CO)
Send SMS to neighbor, and two other numbers stating the CO detector is going off.

Do I need separate smart apps for each number?

With the “notify me when” app you can send a text to more than one person.

Do you just set it up multiple times?

Thanks Jason, was able to set it up multiple times…One other one…is there a way to have the CO detector send a diff signal for smoke vs. CO?

You should not have to set it up multiple times, you should be able to have more than one contact. I could not find a just for the CO detection.

Any idea if I need a comma or semicolon? I tried the comma, no dice.