How to Share and App?

So I wrote a useful (IMHO) app that monitors any number of smoke and or smoke/CO detectors and sends push and/or SMS notifications when the things are test, clear, detect smoke/CO, and have a low battery.

I named it Alert on Smoke and clicked “Shared” and specified the Safety and Security section.

What happens now?

@stevesell I can see your app. You saved it and then you published it. Once you did that you checked the box under app settings that says “Is Shared”.

So from my perspective now if I wanted to use your app I can create a new app. Then click on “browse shared smart apps” on the top right. From here I can find your app and incorporate it into my system. As far as getting it published for public consumption I do not think they have created that setup yet… Although I’m not 100% sure.

I also put my apps on github, as it’s far (far) more convenient for maintaining code. Granted, it’s then much harder to discover - but I usually develop my code on my local computer, test it in the ST simulator, publish on ST, then push to github. I think they’re working on proper integration with github, but I’m not holding my breath.

@Steve28 found your app on the IDE. cool app! Are those z-wave smoke detectors now usable on SmartThings?

@austinrfnd - I guess so. When you join on the the hub, it joins as “Z-Wave Smoke Alarm” - I have two of them (one ZCOMBO and one ZSMOKE) and they are working fine for me. I bought them both at Lowe’s. With my app installed, when I press the test button, I get a notification that the smoke alarm was tested, then clear, then a battery report. Since they have not released the device driver that handles the CO portion, I can’t verify the carbon monoxide works, but when they release it I will test with my app and make sure it works.

But bottom line, I can verify the ZCOMBO and ZSMOKE will join the network, be identified correctly, and work with my app. Note I have not tested by setting them off with actual smoke…

I must be stupid. Where in the IDE are people’s shared apps?

@differentcomputers - when you’re in the IDE and editing an app (or make a new one and go to where you are editing the code), go to the upper right corner and you will see “Browse SmartApps” and the first thing under there is the Shared App.