Strangers in the Yard

We have a motion sensor in the yard, presence sensors, and a front door sensor.

I would like to get notified when motion is detected, except when it is within 2 minutes of the front door opening or a presence sensor coming into range. In other words, I don’t want to get notifications when it is us causing motion in the yard (or at least get a quieter notification).

I’m new to Smartthings and not very familiar with the system or code. I’m hoping this is something I can do without coding or with just small modifications to an existing program. Any direction would be appreciated.

Why dont you just have ST in home mode when you are there and to ignore the motion sensor in the yard. Then when you leave and there is motion in the yard it sends you a notification. You could do the same thing for night mode as away.

I’d really like to get notifications anytime I am home because I can’t typically see the yard. Further, when I’m working, I’d like a loud sound if there is a stranger (so I know to investigate), but a soft sound if it is not a stranger (my spouse often works from home and goes in and out a lot).

It would be great if I could use modes to accomplish these, thanks for the prodding to use them. Manually setting modes could work, I suppose, but that seems weird for an automation system. I’m not really familiar with how powerful they are so my head is swimming with all the contingencies. Trying to make a spreadsheet…

Yeah, the contingencies are always the issue and what makes simple drag and drop type rules fail when you want really advanced controls.

I think you can do most things with modes, the only one I’m not sure of is what type of alert do you want when you’re home and there’s motion in the yard but it wasn’t because you just came home or opened the door?