Notifications from Webcore pistons after migrating, new app

Did something change recently in how the notifications are displayed in the new app?

As I understand it, the Classic app notifications have been somewhat disabled recently. Due to this, I decided to migrate to the new app (although I prefer Classic UI and functionality).

I have several pistons sending notifications about little things to my message history. For instance, if the front door is opened, it makes a notification of it to the queue:

In the Classic app, this worked okay. I don’t want to trigger a PUSH notification from every door opening-closing, but a nifty message queue that I can browse later if needed from the app. In the new app, after migrating, the last messages are from 4 days ago, despite the sensors and pistons work okay.

Is this new functionality as intended or am I missing something here?

Try changing that statement to ‘log to console’ and in the options for the message select the ‘and store in messages’ option. See if that gets you what you are looking for.

Nope, did not work. Tried levels ‘info’ and ‘error’. If I change the piston line to PUSH message & store in messages, I get a push message and an entry in the message queue. The device history states the closing and opening properly. Is there something else I’m missing?

For history no… But if i do info and store in messages I definitely get them in my messages list.

Strange… I do not. And by messages list you mean the side menu -> messages entry?

In fact, it seems that after the migration, every message entry displayed in that queue is from a push message. Before the migration, about a week ago, it also displayed these normal messages from the same piston… And in the Classic app this worked flawlessly. You mentioned earlier that the new app has localization issues, could this be issue be somehow related? Can the app language be changed to English?

Who knows? :sunglasses: Looking at mine there are some differences. I think they’re related to the announcement about certain history not propagating forward from the IDE to NewApp… I’ll play around with a test piston later today and see what logs where.

I use a push notification to device(s) and log to messages. Works perfectly. Not sure if that is what you need to do?

Consider this minimalistic Webcore piston:

  1. I open the door
  2. The new app now shows the front door as “open”

Which of the lines log an entry to the new app’s Messages queue? Currently I only get line 17’s e-mail message, but nothing in the Message queue.

I short, I want a nice overview what’s happening in the house by logging entries of the activities to Messages. I don’t want to use PUSH messages because that’d cause a notification flood to my phone. In the classic app this all worked with the current pistons as intended, but not in the new app.

See the third bullet under phase 1 here.

Not much you can do about it…