Duplicate Notifications

Hi Guys

I have a quick question, I have some piston setup to send me push notification when device status changes, problem is i keep getting duplicate notifications as per the screenshots

I have tried to adjust the piston to Switch “is” on and Switch “Changes to” On

What kind of device is ‘Back Shutter Down’?

its a Sonoff Switch

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I had something similar a while back with a voice notification. I assumed it was platform related as after a while it went back to normal.

What does the webcore logging show? Do you see duplicate triggers?

Maybe worth putting a hold down timer in the piston so it has to wait a period before executing again.

Nope there arent any duplicate triggers

Hmm, maybe put them inside one action.

Do you have parallelism enabled for the piston? It’s under piston settings.

Nope i do not have parallelism, I still dont know what it does

Is the switch the actual device, or is it a virtual device which represents a state of the actual device?

I ask because about three weeks ago they broke the DTH for “virtual switch“ so that it is causing exactly this problem for many people, multiple notifications on a state change.

The current workaround is just to change to a “simulated switch“ DTH.

Discussion here:

Outage Affecting STHM and some automations (19 Jan 2021)


I think it is a virtual Device but not one that personally created, it is linked through ewelink integration

Im with JD and why I was asking what kind of device it was… If its a virtual switch its probably because of what JD points out.

Switch the device type for that switch in the IDE to Simulated Switch instead of Virtual Switch

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