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Notification of SHM Status Change

(Dan) #1

I use the Smart Home Monitor (SMH). I also set up two routines to Arm/Disarm SMH when a single fob leaves/arrives from the home. I cannot find in SMH or in Routines any way to send a push and/or sms notification when the status of the SHM changes. The SHM will notify upon a breach but I don’t see where it will just let me know the status changed. Same for the Routines options.

Notification of a status change can be cobbled together with Apps but I would have thought that it would be included as an action in these two processes, SHM and Routines.

I have the Android App.



(Matt) #2

install Rule machine you can use SHM as a trigger and an action of sending notification or text


(Dan) #3

The whole point is to have the feature in the ST app and not have to scrounge around to find apps to cobble together. The tinkering is fine for those so interested but wholly unacceptable for those wanting a more turn-key system. When you cobble together apps and hardware from disparate sources you multiply the risk of problems. You only need to read this forum regularly to see that.


(Matt) #4

well if you are going to wait for ST to make SHM work the way you want you may want to train your grand kids on how to operate it.

I was merely attempting to tell you how to get it to do what you need.


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #5

You’ve been on your forum since Feb 2014. Based on your historical postings you are well aware of the shortcomings of the ST system.

Has there ever been a mode change notification?

Well, there certainly is now, and multiple ways to do it.

A fellow community member took the time to step up and offer assistance. And you took the time to respond with a rant about things not being the way you want them.

Ok, there are literally thousands of threads on this forum just like this one. Why not give your opinion in the announcements section?

You made a past in the past stating you want s rule engine, not a bunch of apps. Have you tried rule machine? Are you using the Amazon echo? If yes, have you tried using Alexa Helper? Both incredibly good and powerful applications.

My point being, if you really want the system you are complaining about not having, then embrace the tools here at your disposal, for free. Because with just those two apps alone, ST can be more than you ever imagined home automation could be.


(Ron) #6

@bamarayne I am confused by your post which quotes one of my posts and then states

Was that directed at me and if so why on this thread ? I think the quote was just sort of out of context, I think you meant to direct danfelix to the thread and used my post as the link. Is that correct ?

Actually the ability to install apps IS a feature in ST. I would have run away from this system a long time ago if things like Rules engine, custom device code etc didn’t exist. You should jump in “the water’s fine” :slightly_smiling:

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #7

Ron, you got the notification because I tagged your thread. I did that to direct the original poster of this thread there to get some information.

One of my pet peeves are these people that only post crap burning about ST. In my opinion if you don’t like it, go away. There are other options. I took a quick look at his history and he is more than well aware of the limitations of the system. He just wants to bitch. I politely told him to shut up.

I used your post as a way to make a point that he’s just whining for attention.

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(Ron) #8

OK cool, I wine a bit also but I try to keep it balanced, Sadly I think he is missing the best part of ST. If you reject custom code and custom apps you really should use iris or some other consumer focused product that doesn’t cater to custom development. I have my stuff working at 95% efficiency and it’s 95% custom code (Hmmm…correlation here :slightly_smiling: )

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #9

Customization and flexibility are the reason I came here. Those two things alone outweighed the faults


(Dan) #10

Have a Snickers, Mr. bamarayne. You get a little cranky when you’re hungry.

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