Notify if door is left open after a period of time?

Is there a notification that can be set up that will send a notification if a door has been left open after a period of time?

I don’t want to set up one that notifies me when the door is open and repeats the message like in the NotifyMe app, is there a way of only doing it after, say, 5 minutes?

I ask as we leave the back door open for the dog and would like a reminder that its open.


I do this with Rule Machine.

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The built in smart home monitor can do this. you would create a custom entry.

Rule Machine is also a very awesome solution.

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Thanks, I’ll look at rule machine. How do I add that SmartApp?

Also, how would i create a custom entry?

When in Smart Home Monitor. Hit the 3 dots at the top. Then setup

you should see an option for custom.

for the Rule machine take a look at this. there are instructions on how to install.


Brilliant, thanks for the info.

Hi Guys! As I’m trying to setup this to notify if any doors on smart sensors contacts are left open for more than 15 seconds. I found a “minutes delay” on the smartthings app and also tried using rule machine but since I only want a push notification and not a light or alarm to be triggered I could not figure out how to configure.

I’m using contact sensor open for any of 3 doors monitored

Condition should be that the door is still open after 15 seconds (or door closed has not occurred).

Any help is appreciated in guiding me on the proper method.